Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Own "If Life Were Like That"

I've had a silver thumb ring- despite the cheesy notion of a 'thumb ring'- for so long that its now become a part of me. I have had it for over 15 years and never take it off, except to to fidget with it. Which is constantly.

Aside from stud earrings, it's my only piece of jewelry and I'd be quite sad to lose it. I have temporarily misplaced it twice before- and both times we've managed to be reunited.

And tonight? Well tonight started off innocently enough. I went to the East side to meet a friend for dinner. I greeted her at the entrance way off a loud dark wine bar, took my mittens off, put them in my purse and then gave her a hug hello.

About two seconds later I noticed my ring was missing, as it was not there to absently twist. A quick survey in pockets, purse and mittons revealed nothing. A glance around the ground - nothing. I realized I must have left it in the taxi? The previous restaurant? Who knew?

Trying to be a good sport I stopped looking. We sat, ate our meal, finished and went to a movie down the street ("No Strings Attached" also means "No talent hack gets script produced into a very mediocre movie with chemistry-less actors"). After the show we decided to walk for a bit.

We came upon the restaurant again, (you can see where this is going... it's about as predictable as that stupid movie) and decided to peer into the windows one last time given that all of the lights were now on.

I gazed intently.

I saw something. Was it? Something twinkling on the ground? Maybe? I wasn't sure.

With slight encouragement I opened the door and walked in, (they were closed but the doors were still open with the staff mingling up at the front) and the twinkling was... nothing.

But about a foot away from the spot was my ring. Just lying there innocuously on the ground waiting for me to come back and pick it up. The staff cheered.

Lesson here?? LIFE REALLY IS LIKE THAT KIDS. If you lose something valuable and you're meant to have it, it WILL find its way back to you.