Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what's up yo?

I haven't posted for a long time- I've been busy... but also haven't felt like I haven't had anything to share... I've been busy working... busy celebrating birthdays and wedding showers and going away parties with friends. I'll tell you what I haven't been busy doing- getting ready for my trip to Peru. I'm leaving on Friday and it's like I just woke up this morning and said "Hey I think I'll go to Peru on Friday... what should I do/take/prepare?" Truth is though- I have my passport, I just need American money. I don't need shots. And I'm going to a city of 400,000 people- if I forget to take something I can just get it there. (Like when I went to Maui and it was minus a gazillion and I had to buy warm clothes. because really - WHO EXPECTS IT TO BE MINUS A GAZILLION IN FREAKIN' MAUI?!)
Anyhow- I'm very excited. I talked to a good friend tonight about the trip as she did the same trip in December, and she's got me all pumped up about this experience. I'm just going to dive in. I'll post about the experience and try to put up pictures.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time Magazines 100 Most Influential

My friend Tim (Piper - just in case the link doesn't work) was nominated to be one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people. You've got to go to the site ( and VOTE for him!!!
He was one of the directors of the film "Evolution" for Dove. (I only mention that one because that's the one I was also involved with. He did another film after I left Ogilvy that was apparently wildly successful. but I'm not going to mention that one here).,28804,1725112_1723512_1723951,00.html

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Melting the block of ice that is my heart

At least I know enough to be embarrassed by my infatuation with David Cook from AI.
The producers were probably LOVING the sick brother angle on tonight's show. The camera kept panning to David's brother, who was in the audience, clearly suffering health wise- but there to cheer his brother on. (can you say "ratings"??). I read in People magazine that his brother has brain cancer. So of course that is heartbreaking and I was angry that the producers were playing this up.

But then David's song choice: "You will always be my baby", broke my cold dark and cynical heart. It was beautiful.

Monday, April 14, 2008

BIG family news

I just spoke about a lion-rescuer reunion when I have my own family reunion to speak of. I spent the weekend in Winnipeg visiting with Mom, Cliff, Stefan, Tanya and David (and Wilbur). There wasn't really any reason for the visit- except that David and Tanya gave me a credit to use with Westjet (thanks again guys!) and it had to be used by April. Since it was a year ago that Mom & Cliff had seen David & Tanya they decided to come out as well.
Prior to leaving I was getting a lot of grief from friends about going. "You're going where?! why?!" "Wow- fun weekend, hanging out with your parents the whole time. Sorry Sarah"
BUT- I had a GREAT weekend. I had a great time hanging out with the fam and am so glad I went. I saw my older brother's new apartment, played Rummikub and went to a quilt show (yup- a quilt show). I told my roommate tonight that as sappy as it sounds I do feel loved. And I know how lucky I am to be so close to my whole family.

And FINALLY I can publish the BIG NEWS TO CELEBRATE!! Tanya is having a baby!!!! I'm going to be an AUNT!! woohoo!!! Tanya is over the three month mark now so we can share the news. David is going to be a DAD.
So crazy!!!
Everyone is really excited. Tanya is still feeling morning/noon/night sickness... but she's doing better and David is doing great with helping her out (at least he did while we were there). We went shopping for baby stuff on Saturday. The people at the store even said to my parents "let me guess- first time Grandparents?!" : )
The baby is due October 7. It would be cool if he/she was born Oct 13- my Dad's birthday, but regardless, we're just looking forward to meeting the baby when it makes his/her entrance.
Again there are no pictures of the weekend as my camera is still broken. I have to get that fixed before I head to Peru (in TWO WEEKS!!). We'll see if David sends me the pics I took with his camera.

'Christian' the Lion reunion

I don't really know the story behind this clip- except that apparently two guys rescued a lion cub and raised it for a couple of years. They then released it into the 'wild' in Kenya- but a year later were reunited with it. The lion recognizes them (presumably their voices- though this video doesn't capture that) and comes barreling towards them in enthusiasm. It's scary but then so wonderful to watch. You can honestly swear that the lion loves these two people.
I guess the reason I love this clip is because I just spent the weekend in Winnipeg, and thus spent time with my brother and sister-in-law's dog "Wilbur". It only takes 2 minutes before you feel like this is the most lovable and intelligent animal EVER!
Anyhow- it's sweet to watch the 'reunion'.

Re-building the relationship

To be fair I should mention that Starbucks has made an attempt at reconciliation. They called. We talked. They are sending me a gift card. We'll see where it goes from there.

Monday, April 07, 2008


People who know me - know that I like my Starbucks. I'd love to be the girl that prefers the indie coffee house to the mass conglomerate American chain- but I'm not (at least not in this particular case. I do like to shop at independent clothing stores and book stores... eh... who am I kidding?! I love Chapters and buy all my clothes at the mall. There is nothing original about me.)

But I digress.

I go to the Starbucks at Jarvis and Bloor pretty much every day. And I always order the same thing. And quite often it's wrong- but I bear that with much patience as I realize my order is pretty much a bad joke. However I won't apologize for the way I order my bevvie -as it's Starbucks stupid system that I have just fully and completely bought into. Don't blame me for running with your little game Starbucks- you created this monster, not me!

I like to get a "decaf, tall, non-fat, no whip, half sweet, no foam, extra hot mocha".

Anyhow- today I got my drink and rushed back to the office for a meeting. I could tell my drink was not extra hot- as I didn't need a little sleevie thing- which indicated to me that it was not even hot hot- let alone extra hot. But I figured I could just heat it up in the microwave back at work. When I removed the plastic lid to put it into the microwave I noticed some foam- nearly two inches of foam- in my no-foam latte. This just pissed me off- because I'm then paying $4 for half a glass of whipped air. But it's too late to do anything about it- so I heat up the remainder of my beverage.

I head into my meeting, drinking the drink. As it's not hot it takes a little while to finish. Eventually though, I get near the end and take the last sip. Then... I FEEL SOMETHING IN MY MOUTH. Something that was neither milk, nor espresso, nor chocolate syrup. GROSS. It was just a small piece of - I don't know- soggy disgustingness!! so I threw it back into my cup and threw the cup out, all the while trying to keep my gag reflex in check.

I then went back to my desk and wrote a strongly worded letter to the fine people of Starbucks, complaining of this experience and explaining that I will never darken the doors of a Starbucks again. I also informed the Starbucks folks that I would be sharing this story on my blog- to be read by the millions of adoring fans who flock to my site everyday. Ok- I did say I would post it on my blog but admitted that it was a site frequented only by friends and family on rare occasion. but still. but. still.

I will look upon this as an opportunity to find a local haunt who deserves my business. Perhaps the organics place down the street. Or maybe the little hole in wall I pass on my way to work.

Of course there is a Second Cup in my building... and I know that they'll specialize my drink... and it's so much more convenient...