Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the legend of Sarah

I'm still not inspired to write... and I don't know why. I love to write. I write all the time. I have been writing in my journal. And I've had lots going on... and fun times and good times. There's no reason for me to not write. It's not like I'm worried about spreading the toxic poison that was occupying me for awhile there. I mean...
It's sunny out again. Lovely.
Me and my roommate are going to paint our apartment. fun.
Soon I get the room with the walk-in closet. can't wait.
It's pride this weekend. good times.
It's a long four day weekend coming up. more fun.
I made out with a hot guy the other day. yet more fun.
Work is going well (I'm pretending anything in the first year of my job didn't actually happen). so that's good.
I got a fantastic dress from 'free people' on sale the other day- 70% off. big score.
I just don't know what it is.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 weddings & a reunion

I haven't posted for awhile. And the reason I haven't posted is because I've been in a persistent horrible mood and haven't wanted to spread my poison to the masses (and by masses I mean the three people that read my blog). But the 'fog' (there wasn't really a fog) has lifted and I'm now wanting to share the good stuff that's been going on.

Two weeks ago (pictures to come) I went to a good friend's wedding. Tania got married in a beautiful, simple ceremony on Toronto island. I loved the pastor/minister because he didn't preach to us- he talked to us. He engaged us as part of the ceremony and really highlighted our role as friend and family to the newly married couple. He touched on religion (obv) but didn't belabour it, finding a balance in the divine with the practical advice with which this couple will hopefully live their lives. The ceremony was held at the Distillery District- a very cool place in Toronto, at the Balzac coffee house. Honestly I would never have thought of that as a location for a wedding - and it was perfect. The whole day was such a celebration.

Last weekend I went to New York to see an new(er) friends wedding and catch up with some old(er) friends. It happened to be a bazillion degrees (give or take) and in the city- that's freakin' hot. This wedding was ALSO beautiful- held at the Riverview church. This was an old, old, stone church- with the arches, stained glass windows, carvings... it just had this hushed charm. It was a friend that I had made while on my India trip- Sherry was my roommate- and when she mentioned the wedding back in the day I wasn't sure if I was going to attend, but ultimately really glad I made the effort.
The rest of the trip was shopping and eating and hanging out- what one does in NYC. We went to this one diner called "Florent" - long considered a NY institution in the meat packing district , for brunch. It's shutting down at the end of this month because the owner can't afford the increase in the lease. What's the increase? It's going from $6000/month up to $35,000/month. How completely ridiculous is that?!
Then this week at work kicked my ass. Moving on to the weekend...
...Which was also a bit of a reunion as I came up to Waterloo to visit the rellies. My cousin from Ottawa is down, who I haven't seen for months and months. And last night we caught up with some girlfriends I hadn't seen in over a year. We drank way too much red wine, but sometimes you just gotta make the sacrifice right? I can't be all running and drinking water and eating vegetables all the time!

Ok - granted this isn't the most funny or informative or entertaining post... but at least I'm in a much better headspace now than I was two weeks ago. It's the summer, parties are planned, patios are begging to be sit on, trips are happening... I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 4

I hate today. today is a horribly sucky day.
Just thought you should know.