Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sometimes I love my job

So in addition to going to Miami this weekend for a TVC (television commercial) shoot- I am now heading from Miami to Calgary for the weekend of March 10. Yawn. I'm practically a celebrity. Look at me flying all around. Ok fine- it's not as exotic as New Zealand or India- but I'll take a free trip home anytime.

so Calgary peeps- who's up for going out?!

Europe trip 2006

My friend Laura (who is in Signapore right now!) sent me some pics from our trip to Europe last year- Sept 2006. There are a couple of us in Krakow- in front of st. Andrew's Church (900 years old and it looked it!), as well as Newgrange in Ireland (oldest known neolithic settlement- predating the pyramids by a few thousand years i think?). Oh and there's me with a Guiness. I didn't drink it. You can tell by my expression I didn't love it. Oh but I tried. And there is also a picture from Praguge- a view of the city (I had to walk up 250 very steep steps to get that picture- so APPRECIATE IT!).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Interesting thought ...

I'm really really curious how I can possibly have people in my life who are so homophobic they can't even look at a picture of a man dressed in drag! How is that possible?! It's truly puzzling for someone from downtown Toronto to be that... well I'm trying to identify the feeling- scared? Threatened? Offended? I should try to understand the root of it rather than just judge him- then I'm no better...

Monday, February 26, 2007

On the move.

Two things I forgot : Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend Lola- who turned a young and hot 32 last week. We share a birthday and I was a bad bad friend for not calling - too hung up on ME that day! (and David- the other person I share a birthday with).

And THANK You to everyone who remembered and sent me the love... MUCH APPRECIATED.

and a new update- I've decided to move out of my wick downtown Toronto pad- into a much more humble abode in Cabbagetown. No AC, no dishwasher and (insert sobbing here) no more ensuite laundry. i'm kind of like a student again. Oh and I can't get my couch in either. so anyone who'd like a lovely (slightly used) couch... one is on the market. I will miss it- we've been through some good times together. some good times...

Miami, drag shows and mega M&Ms

I watched the Oscars last night, so boring!!!! Leo Dicaprio was totally orange, Gwyneth looked terrible (what was going on with the hair?!) and there wasn't a single surprise. well maybe Jennifer Hudson winning (seriously?!) but that's about it. yawn. I'm done.
I had a course at work today- so I was finished work by 5pm- amazing. I actually got to go to the gym and be done by 630- so this is how the other half lives. I almost can't handle it. I don't know what to do with all of my free time!
Did i mention I'm going to Miami this weekend. Very excited! I've never been and it's snowing like crazy here so the sunshine will be wick. It's for a shoot for Hellmann's and the client is super laid back- so should be fun. My friend Ivan is the AD and I only WISH his wife (my buddy Robyn) could come too. then it would be perfect. It's going to be hectic and crazy but at least it gets me out of the office... (which is a sad state of affairs : why am i always running away from the office?!)
Bobby and I had our dirty 30s party on Saturday night. Ker- soo glad you came out! It was great to see you and definitely on Thursday we are getting together. Dal- I hope you're feeling better...
and a BIG KISS and Sarah HUG to my friend Jeff who put on a amazing drag show for us. He dressed up (pictures posted soon I promise- just have to figure out how to work it) and rocked his pregnant belly! Also to my buddy Jen - who found some mega M&Ms and put them on brownies for my b-day... it's the little things that make me happy. And a big thank you to Robyn for doing my killer smokey sexy! : )

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's try this again

So I have an old friend who writes a blog about her family. I read it quite frequently as it keeps me up to date on her life, I get to see pics of her children and her home- and even though we are not in touch as much as we were say, 10 years ago, I still feel connected to her. So a couple of weeks went by without her blogging and I really missed it- I emailed her to say "Hey what's up? Are you ok? I miss your blog!" And she wrote back to say "I wish you would blog". But what would I write about I ask? I don't have a husband or kids... what would i say? BUT just because I lack the "domesticity" of many of my friends doesn't mean there isn't LOTS to say!!! Where should I start:?? I joined Facebook - so now my minimum amount of contact with friends (via email) can be diminished even further to "wall postings" now and then. I finally spoke to someone who works as an Executive producer- as that is something I've always wanted to get into (I'm meeting with more people next week). I looked at a new apartment- so I can move into a place that will let me save some money (it's tiny yes, but I'm just little me- I don't need lots of room! I feel kind of like a student again). I'm going to Miami next weekend for a TVC shoot- which will be AWESOME (hard work yes- but at least it will be hard work in South Beach) Oh and last week I turned 31!! lots of love from most of my family and friends. Had a great party Sat. night where my good friend Jeff put on a fab drag show for me and Bobby- pictures will be posted soon, and my good friend Jen found me some mega M&Ms- not normally avail in Canada!! woohoo. so yes, no pictures of children- but pictures of men in fishnets- it doesn't get any better!!! : )
here's to a FAB new year!