Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watch this.

It will make you laugh.

If the link doesn't work then go to youtube and search : "Everything's amazing Nobody's happy. Louis CK"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Remember me?

Stefan, David and Paula- do you remember this linoleum??!?!?! Jen's aunt had the same stuff in her kitchen in Halifax.

And people in NY= remember this stuff?? It's called snow. They also had this in Halifax. And they don't have it here. But apparently there was 11" of it this weekend in Vermont- where I will be enjoying next weekend skiing.

And this last picture is of my valentine's date in Halifax. Jen and I went out for dinner with her parents before I went to visit my Grandma. Maybe not the most romantic night- but a good one.
Also I wanted to post the pic of my hair pre-cut. I got it butchered again this weekend. V upsetting but I won't bother posting about it. Just refer to last March- there'll be an entry in there ("Some perspective" and "Nope it's still horrible") and it's basically the same story. Rinse and repeat.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stealing this thing from facebook... of 25 things about me.

I'm at work (quelle surprise) and procrastinating (another shocker) so am doing this activity which has been running rampant on fb recently. You're supposed to write 25 things about yourself- tag people- they read it and write and it goes on.
But I have friends who aren't on facebook that do read my blog and why cut you out of the love?? It's a ridiculous exercise- but you all love me- so why wouldn't you want to know more about me?!??! You might learn something.

25 Random Bits of Useless Trivia About Me:

1. Every cute 'saying' I have, I stole from someone else (eg. meow meow meow, quelle surprise)

2. Every time I see a fire truck/ambulance etc I say a prayer.

3. I believe I'll be a single mom. At least that's how I envision it.

4. I can't sleep with my feet trapped under my the bed covers- the covers HAVE to be untucked.

5. I actually prefer a duvet to a quilt (this is meaningful because my Mom owns a quilt store) BUT I've discovered that if I put a quilt ON TOP of a duvet it is actually better.

6. Until very recently I wouldn't alllow ANYTHING to go on top of my duvet. You wanted to sit on my bed? You had to pull the duvet back to sit down.

7. I kind of believe that we dream the future. (A little bit)

8. I like hugs more than kisses. I hug everyone. Even people I don't know that well which throws them off. I think I get it from my Mom and my Dad.

9. When I was growing up I secretly thought it was so cool that my last name was different than my Moms' last name.

10. I do what Paul does and unconsciously mimic other people's accents. You can even tell a difference from when I moved to Toronto from Calgary and to New York from Toronto.

11. I was born in Calgary but consider myself a Maritimer because I spent every summer in New Brunswick when I was growing up.

12. Many of my friends are 'foodies' but I would be completely content to eat the same food every day. It's just fuel. In fact that's what I do. In Calgary I used to have rice for lunch (for 2 years) nearly every day) and in Toronto it was sushi- for about 2.5 years. Right now it's a turkey sandwich from starbucks.

13. Except for Peanut M&Ms. I love those like heroin. (or at least how I imagine I would love heroin... I hear it's pretty addictive). People probably don't realize the extent to which I like to eat them. I think the most romantic proposal would be if he gave me a bag of Peanut M&Ms ("Mega" variant- they don't actually exist anymore) and the ring was buried in the bag. Of course I'd probably eat it before I realized what it was. And I do realize that this is not so much "romantic" as it is "sad".

14. I have dreams about losing my teeth all the time. Only I'm not 80- I lose them in the middle of a meeting on a Tuesday. So I really hope that #7 is wrong.

15. My first boyfriend was when I was 19. I didn't date in high school. (I also didn't wear contacts, have straight teeth, wear make-up or know how to dress until after HS. I wonder if there's a correlation??). Even now I don't date that much.

16. I have been a part of an annual Christmas potluck dinner with a group of 7 other girls for the past 16 years. I cherish those friendships. One of those friends I've had since I was 4! (Incidentally I cherish all of my friendships)

17. I got into my career by accident. If Eric hadn't walked into the GAP that day...

18. Even though I love travelling I find it exhausting and lonely and hard.

19. After University I went to a semester of bible college, used to attend church 6 days a week, and volunteered as a Sunday school teacher.

20. I don't like wine. Red or white. Though I'll drink white if I have to. But I just don't like the taste. Everyone freaking LOVES it and I just don't get it??!!

21. I don't love New York (blasphemy right?!) but think it's cool to live here for now. I have NO IDEA where I'm going to go next. I just know that I don't want to live anywhere that I've already lived- as I feel that's going backward.

22. I fall in love VERY EASILY. And often. oh wait- this is supposed to be stuff people DON'T know about me...

23. When I take paper towels from a dispenser in a public washroom I always have to take 3. I don't know why. Now tell me something: now that you know this about me, how does it change how you feel about me?? What sort of deeper understanding do you have of me that will enable our relationship to be more fulfilling??!

24. The top thing I look for in any relationship (friendship, partnership etc) is laughter. And not just you making me laugh, but me making you laugh too.

25. People always tell me I've very photogenic and tho I doth protest too much, I secretly agree. But ONLY from certain angles!!!! Isn't that horrible of me?! : )

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So so sad

I have an unhealthy love for the iphone. Those that know me know this. And they will attest to the fact that I :

- Wanted the iphone a full year before it came to Canada
- Bought the iphone the day it became available in Canada
- RELUCTANTLY had to give it up when I moved to the States and then didn't (and still haven't) shut up about how much I miss it
- Miss it more than I miss some of my friends

It's a bit of a sickness really.

So last Christmas I bought an ipod touch as a lesser replacement. And it is less- much less- but at least it made me feel somewhat tied to my beloved iphone.

And now it's missing. I don't know if it got taken off of my desk last night or if I left it in the cab or if it felt out of my pocket. I know that it's sad and lonely to be apart from me and, even though I think it's a lesser kind of sad version of the iphone, it was my lesser kind of sad version and I'm sad and lonely to not have it.

And I really have no perspective about this- I KNOW that there are worse things in the world than losing/getting an iphone stolen and that at the end of the day it's just a 'possession' and there are bigger things to ...WHATEVER I WANT MY FREAKING IPHONE BACK (er ipod touch) THIS SUCKS!!!!! I'M SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New artiste

Ok she's not new- but she's new to me.

A friend of mine introduced me to the work of a new artist last night. Her name is moira mcnair and she is based out of the UK. I love her work- and I love her method. (a method which I'm not going to share as I don't know how "intellectual property" applies here...)

Check her out at:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You might have noticed I haven't been sending out emails lately... I'm sorry!!! I'm just really busy- and away. And away. And busy. But mostly just away.
I'll try to get better! (P and L and J I'm thinking of specifically)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Out East

I was in Halifax and Moncton this weekend- visiting friends and family, and seeing snow.

I went to Halifax to see an old friend Jen. She and I lived in Toronto at the same time for a year and both moved away last Fall. I had seen her since the move and, once again, we saw one another and it was like no time had passed (that's my MO with this girl- we can go YEARS without seeing each other and then get together pas de problem).

We went out for a great dinner at Onyx (I'm having AWESOME luck at dining out lately) with friends I'd been hearing all about and was glad to finally meet, and then we went for a drink at a way too young for me bar- trying to hunt down my cousin Chris who was MIA. He was at a gay bar- and didn't want to tell me that's where he was in case I was weird about the whole gay bar scene. HAH. Clearly this guy DOES NOT know me!!!

Jen and I drove to Moncton on Saturday and I saw my Grandma. She is in the hospital having tests right now- but doing really well. She's in high spirits, has good colour in her cheeks and is just acting the cautious way you're meant to when you're 84. I have to say - I was very, very glad to see her. I showed her pictures of baby O on my ipod touch- and she said, in a very serious tone, "this is a very cute baby. Isn't she Nancy? She's a cute baby." She is Grandma : )
(Nancy is my aunt- who was also in town. And we had a chance for some one on one visiting- which was unusual but very welcomed).

I loved visiting the maritimes because it was home. Because it was family. Because it was snowing. Because it was everything I'd been missing.

And now I'm back at work. When I get home I'll upload some pictures.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Slopes

I went skiing this past weekend - for the first time in about oh...8 years. The worst part is I've BEEN to ski hills and just haven't skied- and now am wondering why?! I love skiing! And I'm actually okay at it. My form is complete crap and I have to think about what I'm doing, and my skis are practically the length of my feet... but I can get down the hill, get a little speed- and I have fun doing it.

And though I am a Rocky Mountains' snob they do have some decent hills in Vermont (I've heard). The hill we went to this weekend was pretty small with mostly manmade icy snow... but it was great to just play in the fresh air. And to be honest- I needed a small hill to get my ski legs back.

In two weeks we're going to Killington, Vermont. I think next year we might plan a proper trip and do Aspen or Colorado...maybe Banff!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More of my favourite things

1. Old friends I've had forever
2. Old friends I've become reacquainted with
3. New friends
4. The song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. If you say you don't like it- you're lying.
5. Accomplishing something really hard. You think you're not going to get through it but you do.
6. Family. I love my family- I have a lot of fam and most I don't get to see often- but they are in my thoughts ALOT.
7. I LOVE my new face lotion from Lancome - it's uber expensive and even though I know better I believe it's doing something great for me.
8. Running
9. Writing
10. Light. Sunlight AND the light from within.
11. Smiles and a kind word.
12. Hugs

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

laugh out loud funny

Did anyone watch "The Office" after the superbowl? I've been watching the show for a few years now and used to be a big fan. This year, however, I was feeling quite 'meh' about it- thinking that the show had gone too crazy and lost it's spark.
Tonight I watched the latest episode online and I have to say that the opening sequence was the funniest TV I have seen in years. The chaos of trying to escape "Dunder Mifflin" during a simulated fire actually made me laugh out loud.