Sunday, July 20, 2008

Models, Movies and Magic

This has been a great week:
I went to the movie "Dark Knight" last Thursday. We went to the midnight showing- which was packed. The movie got out at 3am and there were piles of people waiting for a 3am showing (followed by a 6 am showing). The movie was incredible- though I think I need to go see it again. It was really late when I saw it and I was in the second row. (Also Spy in July was just before the and I might have had a couple of beverages that further caused sleepiness). The movie broke all sorts of records- I think it made $153 million in one weekend- I know I've been waiting to see it since "Batman Begins" finished- 3 years ago.
Saturday was a long day as we were at a photo shoot for a pro-bono client of mine. It's a company called "Greensaver", which is a company that does energy efficiency audits on homes. We are doing an OOH campaign for them in the Fall (or Winter) and needed to shoot 6 people in various scenarios. One of those people was me. IF the campaign launches- I'll be on Toronto transit shelter posters throughout the GTA. And I have to say - modeling is actually kind of hard. "Smile. no, not like that, smile as though you are really excited... now smile as though you have won the lottery. No, not quite that happy." OK FINE I'M TIRED- I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SMILE - LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
And finally- the magic. My IPHONE. I LOVE IT. It's the coolest thing ever and easily the most awesome thing I've ever owned.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I'M SO SICK OF PAINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is me. At work. After a particularly long week.
Yes that is wine. What you can't see is the decadent piece of chocolate cake I'd just eaten.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey... remember all that God D#@n painting I've been SLAVING OVER?!

Well today there was a leak in a pipe in my bathroom... which flooded the carpet in my closet. My lovely new roommate had to rescue all my stuff... (thanks Wendy). And my room, which was already tres disastrous (due to moving and painting), just got WORSE.

Here is a bathroom wall I JUST PAINTED! (isn't the colour calming and lovely?)

Here is my closet with a GIANT fan that we need to leave in there for the next THREE days as the plumber can't come until MONDAY!!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rougher life

I'm STILL painting. I'm NEVER going to be done. It doesn't help that the previous colour was a dark dark gray and I want it to be light dreamy cream. Which requires a primer. Which is THICK and HORRIBLE.


I think that I'll just leave it as primer... that's a colour right?

(and it's not that I'm ridiculously slow... though I am... it's just because I didn't get home til 9 tonight... and had to leave early last night for Jen L's b-day... and didn't want to paint Monday night... hmm... I sense a pattern here).

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rough Life

My friends and I have a new Sunday tradition where we hang out by my pool. We need to make sure we get there early enough to get lounge chairs but once we get them we're solid. Today proved a bit tricky as I tried to steal... I mean borrow one ...from the other side of the pool and while doing so accidentally dropped half of it on an innocent fellow lounger. ouch.

It was 30C out (finally summer!) and we spent 6 hours lounging, jumping into the pool, eating pizza, drinking cold beverages, lounging, pool... repeat. I LOVE my apartment!

This is the view from the pool looking up... the sky was blue and cloud free the ENTIRE day!

This is my friend Kerri- she is my collaborator for our fun Sundays.

Why am I doing this again and not just hiring some college student?

I'm painting my apartment. Yesterday my roommate and I did two bathrooms, the kitchen and half the living room. Today I have to paint the cave that is my room. For some reason every square inch of this room is covered in dark gray. And I don't like it. And while the picture shows me using a traditional paintbrush... I was using the roll-y thing for most of the wall. HOWEVER we only had ONE roll-y thing- as a 'friend' had given me crap advice to only get one. It really held us up...I don't want to get into it.

Here is my roommate Wendy yesterday, covering up the uber green colour.

Anyhow, my hand hurts, my shoulders hurt, it's 30C outside and I SHOULD be sitting by my pool drinking cold drinks... but instead - I will paint (at least until 11 when my friends come over and we go sit by said pool and drink cold drinks).

Best brunch

My favourite brunch in the city used to be at this place on College called Xacutti. It had delicious dinner's as well (not the trout!) but the brunch was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
Of course brunch would set you back about $50 so I only went there a couple of times. They had this one dish... a giant waffle covered in fresh fruit- and not just strawberry and cantelope, but mango and passion fruit and wild berries, covered in... wait for it... melted toblerone chocolate. AMAZING.
My friend asked me the other day where she should go for brunch for her birthday and I immediately said "Xacutti"... forgetting that it has shut down. I guess no one else wanted to pay $50 for brunch either.

Does anyone else have any good brunch suggestions for Toronto? (and not Bonjour - I know Bonjour and I love Bonjour... but I'm over it a little bit... just a bit- I can see Rob gasping now).

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Moving (but just down the hall)

I moved into this condo just over a year ago, with my friend Paul (who I had worked with at the GAP in Calgary years earlier). Though I have always objected to condo living based on the charmless and presonality-free nature of the mass produced buildings... on principal (I LOVED living on Aberdeen with my yard and neighbours and little juliette balconey) - I have loved living here. Yes there is nothing in the neighbourhood... but we are close to the water, close to the island, close to running/biking paths and there is a roof top patio with a swimming pool. Now I've down a 180 and am talking about buying this place...
But for now I am just moving down the hall. My roomie Paul is moving out and I've got a new roommate- Wendy. Coincidentally we ALSO worked at the GAP in Calgary all those years ago. She's been patiently living in our living room the last 6 weeks, while we've been patiently living around her for those same 6 weeks. It's been a bit trying- but we're now on day zero: with Paul officially moving out today.
We are going to paint the place in neutral/girl colours, and I will have an official closet, and we can finally put up a clock in the kitchen!
It's a big change, and I will MISS Paul (xo) but ... I have had 26 roommates in my life... I've done this before... and I look forward to the new adventures to come (and to getting RID of the green colours currently covering the walls!)