Monday, April 30, 2007


So I moved this weekend- to Queens Quay. Area isn't stupendous, though I am close to my fave loblaws and running along the lake (which I will finally start doing again!). I'm sharing accom with my friend Paul- should be fun. I just wanted to tell everyone that if you EVER have to move in the GTA you should call my movers: They were AMAZING!!!! Seriously the BEST movers ever- and I've moved ALOT.
They are the "Polanski Brothers" and their number is: 416-766-0382.

WIlby Wilbs

Two weekends ago I was in Calgary for Cliff's 50th birthday. We had a GREAT family weekend- going out for dinner, getting family photos and watching bad movies. It was just good QT. We haven't had that much time together in a long time.
I also managed to squeeze in a bit of time with some friends- though there are a few I didn't get to see. I was only there for a few days- so what can you do? Here are some pics of Meghan and Brendan tho-v. cute!

Oh and just advice for everyone out there renting a car: DO NOT go with "Dollar Rent a Car" OR "Thriftys" because they are neither a dollar, nor are they thrifty. I would recommend "National" - because they were fantastic... (and cheap believe it or not).
One other hightlight of the weekened, we also got to spend time with David & Tanya's puppy WILBUR. Simply the cutest dog EVER! Here are some pics.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reverse Anorexia

I'd like to put a question out there- is there such a thing as reverse anorexia? Is there such a disease of the mind that you think you're hot stuff, even though the waistband of your pants is telling you otherwise?! IF so then I think I'm suffering from it...
The last couple of months I've been not as "lean" as I have been in recent years- and yet instead of beating myself up, or chanting the tiresome and oh so familiar "I'm so fat" mantra, I'm actually feeling pretty freakin' good about myself. I'm looking in the mirror and thinking "not bad Sarah- you're looking good" (imagine me saying that in a Herb Tarlek kind of way)
Maybe this is because I'm finally becoming indoctrinated by the Dove campaign for real beauty campaign!

It's a great feeling to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see- for the first(ish) time in 19 years... (since I was a wee child of 12 and declared "If I ever weigh more than 120lbs I'm going to stop eating!"). Yes my friends- if I have reverse anorexia then I am going to embrace it, relish it, and enjoy the occassional bag of mega m&ms guilt free. : )

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My cousin- Elisa Mitton

I love my cousin Elisa!!! She's super down to earth and fun- and tells it like it is. We both share a compulsion to clear away clutter, and a high high standard for men. One thing we also share- is our PASSION for Canada. And our desire to sing the Canadian national anthem at local sporting events. And by "local" I mean, in the living room local. I neglected to mention that she was part of the family singalong a few weeks ago in Windsor. And I would NOT be a good cousin if I didn't drag her ... er I mean lift her up with me. She did sing. She was loud. And it was fab!

Monday, April 16, 2007


I had such a great weekend! I think because it was filled with old friends, new friends, interesting conversation, and new experiences (cooking being one of them!).

Friday night I went out (FINALLY!) with my friend Janet, her husband (who is amazing!!!) and my dear friend Robyn. We went for dinner at Cucina on College (pizza there is sooo good- if you like thin crust) where we had a great convo on religion and then to the Savanah room to listen to some college kids play jazz. It was almost interpretive Jazz and it was very cool.
Saturday I went for brunch with a friend at the greasy spoon by my house. How sad that I am discovering all of these great places near me- when I move in 2 weeks!
I also met someone for coffee, who used the word 'plebicite' in our conversation. Er... how bad is it that I don't know what that word means?! Turns out: not so bad. I've informally polled 5 friends since then - who also don't know what it means. whew. But still a v. interesting guy (I think my "blond" moments might have scared him a bit tho!).
Saturday night I went to a FAB dinner party, filled with fabulous gorgeous people, and lots of wine. and dancing. so much dancing. and a late night walk at home from the Docks until I could find a stupid cab who would actually drive me across the highway. Seriously- they all want these amazing fares driving people up to North York or something, and are willing to let me walk alone at 3am in the dodgiest neighbourhood ever!! (well I was by the Docks and not really alone, but still!)
Finally Sunday morning I went for brunch where I made my hammalicious n' egg muffins! My friend Terry (who lives upstairs from me) threw the brunch- it was so amazing, and I met the most interesting people. As well as connected with some old friends.
And the recipe for the muffins?? Well since you asked...

Hammalicious Ham n' egg muffins

Ingredients: thinly sliced black forest ham (or you could use pancetta if you were feeling fancy), eggs, swiss cheese, peppers and onions.
What you do: sautee the onions and peppers. set aside. Put the ham into the muffin tray- creating a cup out of the ham. Put the peppers in the bottom. whisk 8 eggs (for 10 muffins)and pour eggs into the cup. bake for 12 min at 350C. Put shredded cheese on top of muffin and bake for another 10-15 minutes. (or until done).
They come out like little muffins and taste sooo good. (the host of my brunch ate 3 of them before anyone else even showed up!) I'm such a little chef.

enjoy! oh and that's not a picture of the muffins, but I suppose it could be, if I were a professional and art directed a shot of them... stranger things have happened. (my facebook photo was from a photoshoot afterall!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to be Canadian

I went to Windsor this weekend to visit family (Easter and all). As per usual I had a great time connecting with the family who were fairly absent from my life for the first 27 years (not completely absent mind you- but not around for every Christmas, birthday etc). Since I moved to Toronto they have welcomed me with open arms and I've gone down on many occassion to see how the black sheep of the family lives. (and while i'm on the topic- my Dad's family in Waterloo has also done an amazing job of making me feel like family since I moved out here. It's really a testament to the power of family). Anyhoo... This time we were nearing the event of my cousin Samantha's graduation from Grade 8 so we had to go shopping for a dress for her. I'm not going to lie to you- it was a tribulation, BUT we emerged from the Detroit MASSIVE mall victorious, with a dress and shoes in tow. We then went to my FAVE store, Target, for a quick jaunt, and were off again for homeland.
So wait- this doesnt' sound Canadian at all- does it? All we did was spend our hard earned dollars in the horrid city of Detroit! But wait- I'm getting there... The next day the fam had to attend to some family duties, and I spent some QT with my Grandma.
What did we do? We watched the World Cup for Curling! It doesn't get more Canadian than that! The finals were between Canada and Germany, and Canada kicked Germany's butt. I have played curling before (in school, and in one unfortunate instance- with my work colleagues for our Christmas party), but have never watched it. I've realized it's like any sport that is in a playoff scenario- it can get pretty interesting. I also found out a few interesting facts: 1. My Grandpa played in the Brier Cup in the 50s (that's the Canada Cup thingie), and 2. There are 1 million curlers in Canada, compared to 300,000 in the whole rest of the world combined.
After Canada won the tournament, they had the ceremony to hand out the trophy and medals. Of course to mark this occassion they played the National Anthem, at which point my uncle Ross (they were home by this time) instructed the family to all stand and sing. yes you read right. It was one of the most peculiar, yet proud moments. Ross, Samantha, Syndey and I sang with our hearts out, while my Grandmother looked on. And we celebrated being Canadian.
I told this story to someone yesterday and he was suitably embarrassed for me and instructed me to "never speak of it again", but instead- I'm posting it on my blog.
The pics are of Samantha and Sydney in their Grad and Easter dresses respectively.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sheep & the Urban Family

Last night me and my friends finally got together to play a game of "Sheep" (aka "Settlers of Catan")- for the first time in nearly a year. It's a strategy game where one has to take over settlements and build cities, pirates are involved... it gets quite complicated and I realize I sound like a giant nerd describing it- but it's SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE it. But I am a self professed geek so its ok. Just a hint to anyone looking for a fun game with their friends- but be warned that it's about two steps away from dungeons & dragons (shudder).
The best part was getting together with my urban family again. We used to convene once a week for Texas Hold 'Em, but as it happens, life got in the way, we all got busy, and that fell by the wayside. I forgot how much fun we can have together sitting around a table, drinking some wine and flinging cheap shots at one another. (The game can get pretty personal).
We were at Jeff & Josh's new place, just a stone's throw from Jen & Kirsti's new digs and a few blocks from Bobby & Ian (can you tell the pattern here?) and we were lucky Jen L happened to be in the city long enough to join us! (jetting off to Amsterdam next I believe?) And although Jeff, Jen, Jen, Bobby, Patricia and Sarah (those are the characters in the South Park picture!) have now grown to include Josh, Kirsti and Ian, I think its still important to find opportunities for more sheep. I did buy Bobby that expansion pack after all...