Saturday, January 30, 2010

LA Bound

Off to LA this morning. I've never been. Last time I was in California was just before Christmas and unfortunately I was sick when I was traveling. This time though- I'm sick again and it sucks. I want to curl up in a ball and sleep for the next two days.

I know - poor me. At least I'm leaving -12C and heading to 20C.

Not sure what to do when I'm there. Venice beach? Rodeo drive? Curl up in a ball in my hotel room and sleep for two days? Ah yes- that last one sounds delightful.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What am I running from?

Early winter a friend of mine asked a bunch of us to join her for a half marathon in Miami next weekend. I started to train for it but took on too much too soon and ended up hurting my back.

After a few weeks off I started up again but not as intense, and not enough to be able to run next Sunday.

However I am still in 'training' and trying to push myself within reasonable boundaries. So on Sunday I decided to tackle a 10k and run the perimeter of Central Park.

It was hard.

I'm not going to lie to you.

And I stopped every couple of kilometers to walk for a minute.

And at one point I think I saw a child who was taking his first steps pass me I was going so slowly.

But I did it. And next time it won't be so hard. And I might even run more than 10k.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I had a busy fun filled and packed long weekend. Friday was my friend John's birthday, Saturday was a productive trip to Target followed by Korean food in New Jersey. Sunday found me at a brunch, a dinner and the movie "It's Complicated" (good) and then the Golden Globes at a friend's.

Today I watched Avatar in 3D IMAX. I'd seen it with Stefan in Winnipeg in 2D and I have to say having seen both- I don't know why they even produced it in 2D (I mean I know logically why) but the movie jumps from a 7/10 in 2D to an amazing spectacular 15/10 in 3D. It's awesome.

Then I went for a run out in Central Park - thought I ran a 5 min kilometer for 5K until I went to '" - my newest favourite site. It dispelled my notions that I suddenly was back up to my peak running speed by letting me know I'd only run 4.5km. Still- a 5.5min/km is not bad.

Back to work tomorrow.

This is Rose on the rooftop- it was pitch black out (2am) but for some reason the sky looked dawn-y. I got this new camera for Christmas (thanks Mom and Cliff!) but it's a new version of my old camera... and I have no idea how to use it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Invictus vs garbage not worth seeing

I have a question for the world (or "People of Earth" as Conan would say).

WHY in the world would a movie like "The Ugly Truth" starring a no talent hack like Katherine Heigel, make $89 million in it's domestic gross, while a movie like "Invictus" - starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in brilliant performances, made only $34 million?

I went to see it last night with a friend (She's the BEST person to go to movies with because she just gets into it and you enjoy the movie that much more), with relatively low expectations as I'd heard not such great things. However I was, while not blown away, thoroughly moved. I would even hazard to say that I loved it. I'd even recommend it.

But what does that say about our society that a movie telling a touching story of a country coming together before the world- triumphing over the WORST adversity - does so badly, while a movie about a stupid girl acting stupidly makes almost $100 million.

It's shameful.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black is White. Up is Down.

What the eff is going on?

Recently there have been a barrage of break-ups in the relationships surrounding me. And these aren't dating relationships, but serious ones. Marriages, long-term partnerships, co-habitations. Long term relationships imploding. Or dissolving quietly away.

The one thing in common is that they were all shocking and unexpected. Solid, strong, real relationships between two mature wonderful people- that just didn't end up working out. Heartbreaking.

And reinforcing the belief that you just never know what goes on behind closed doors. You just don't know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys!

Before Olivia was born I gave her a little stuffed monkey. It was small and cute and super soft.

This quickly became her favourite toy- and it's now permanently attached to her. She actually gets upset if they take it away to 'bath'- which gets done quite often.

I love that my little contribution to her childhood will prove to be a pivotal one (much like my own childhood toy "rascal") and I don't want to lose that. The family was a bit worried that Monkey wouldn't make it through O's childhood as he's already a bit ragged so auntie Sarah went online to find more.

Though I do think O is a genius child I'm pretty sure she can't read yet- so feel confident writing about having to come up with 'back up' monkeys should anything happen to the original.

Deceptive? Yes. Necessary? Perhaps. Although I wonder if I would have been able to tell the difference to Rascal if anyone had tried to pull the old switcharoo on me back in the day...

So I guess she is a genius baby. Apparently my sister-in-law was reading my post on the computer and O climbed into her lap to see what she was looking at. She saw the picture of the monkeys and pointed at it- the climbed down to look for the original. Such a clever little girl.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Human Contact

A good friend of mine made a keen observation the other day. An observation that, while I didn't like, I agree with.

She and her husband had called me to meet up with them to go to a movie. I didn't answer the phone- because I hate using the phone. He didn't leave a message as I openly pride myself on not listening to voicemail (case in point: I just listened to a message on Sunday from my brother that had been recorded Dec 15th).
I found out later that they'd gone to a movie and had wanted me to come.

"Why didn't you text?" I asked. "Why didn't you answer your phone or call us back?" they answered. (trying to prove a point)

However I'd text them to get together after the movie at a local pub. She replied at 1am saying she hadn't checked her phone. She later made the comment : "I was out with a bunch of friends having fun. Why would I check my phone to see if there are other things happening? I was paying attention to the people I was with."

And while I don't like it, that's the comment I agree with. She had chosen to be present in her immediate surroundings and not pay attention to that elusive "other" friend reaching out via bb/email/text/insert social media option here. And while there are those (me) that say technology helps people communicate better or more often I do recognize there are limitations or drawbacks.

How many times have you been affronted that your current company keeps a blackberry on the table during dinner? Or they check their text while you're talking to them? Is your company not good enough? Are you not engaging/entertaining enough? What is so freaking important that they can't put their bb down for an hour or two- and enjoy the company in front of them? Or sometimes when you do communicate via text, the correct meaning doesn't come across?

Now the counter argument is that we have these new methods of communication- which create new habits and behaviours. There is a large (maybe younger?) percentage of the population who are bred on these new methods and for whom it is the new norm to talk via twitter. To converse only via text.

And who is to say that the earlier adopter (me) is the one who should change her behaviour (stop texting) because others are holding onto the 'old ways' and not willing to jump on the train?! Does it come down to who is the most stubborn?

But maybe there is a halfway to meet? I can't give up texting altogether, nor do I want to. But perhaps I can pick up the phone a bit more often. And perhaps I can put away the blackberry when I'm out with friends- showing them that I value their company just as much as the person on the other end of the text.

I made one of my resolutions/goals to reach out via phone more. Though it's form of contact some may perceive as archaic, I admit that it still trumps the electronic contact in many ways. Though I'm still not listening to voicemail.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Movie Reviews

I've been to a few movies this holiday season. And have some thoughts about movies I haven't seen. Here they are:

- go and see it in 3D. As a 2D movie it's visually stunning but not blow your mind unbelievable. And the storyline is just so-so.

The Blindside - Sandra Bullock steps into the skin of a southern woman and she's fantastic. You even manage to forget it's Sandra Bullock. The story is heart warming and thoughtful and well told.

Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchie is a very, very good storyteller. The movie is visually rich and interesting. The acting interaction is fun to watch. The mystery is mildly captivating. But I forgot about the movie 5 minutes after walking out of the theatre.

Up in the Air - review to come

New Moon - soooo bad. But Team Jacob all the way.

Nine - Heard it's really good and want to see it. I loved "Chicago" which bodes well.

Invictus - I really wanted to see it. But I heard so many bad reviews that I ended up not going. I was disappointed at the thought of it being bad and didn't want those fears to become realized.

It's Complicated - Does anyone else feel like they saw the entire movie in the trailers?

Resolutions Schmesolutions. Let's talk goals.

I've never been much of a resolutions person, which is a complete and total lie as I like to make resolutions, and break resolutions, all the time. Not just for the new year, but on my birthday, on anniversaries, on random Tuesdays. I like to write lists in my journal and forget about them five minutes later only to make the same resolutions a month later in some new format.

This year I thought I'd cleverly disguise my resolutions as 'goals' and that I'd publish them in order to create some semblance of accountability. The three people that read my blog can keep me honest and ask me how I'm doing on accomplishing my goals. I'm going to categorize them in terms of professional, personal, and financial.
Here we go.

--> I would like to make peace with Mrs. P. For some reason she doesn't love me and I need to sort that out.
--> Take a digital course & ramp up those skills
--> Establish a track record of pre-8:30am start time at least 3x a week

--> Save 15% of my net pay in a savings account
--> Save 10% of my net pay in long term investment
--> Be eligible for a credit card in this freaking country

--> Go on one date a month (how this gets set up I HAVE NO IDEA- WOULD LOVE SOME IDEAS PLEASE!!) And yes I do realize that this might seem pathetically small to some, it's still a giant leap from where I am currently
--> Do I dare say lose that last 10lbs?
--> Run a half marathon sometime in the year
--> Make PHONE CALLS and stop relying so much on text/email

Alright 2010. I'm ready for you. Let's play ball.

New Year Celebrations

Most who know me know that I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve parties. I've come home from dinner and a movie before midnight before. I've booked flights so that I celebrate in the air.

To be honest- my best new years where when I was a kid with my parents and brothers. We would listen to the top 100 on the radio, eat cheese & crackers plates and stay up til just past midnight. At midnight we would stand on the front door and shout out Happy New Year to all of our neighbours who were doing the same. We were kids, it was simple, and it was fun.

Now that I live in NYC people have asked if I would stay here and go to Times Square. I've heard it's much like everything else in NYC where there are a million people and you need to show up hours in advance in order to get a good view. Given I don't care all that much I was just as content to stay in Toronto and catch up with some old friends.

Here we are trying to do model pose but I couldn't keep a straight face.

This time I nailed the model pose, right down to the wan pale look. (I actually had a guy come up to me at the end of the night - I'd just met him- and tell me that "for the record I preferred you with your hair down." Looking at this picture I can kind of see why!!)

I then continued the celebrations in NYC Jan 2 with a dinner out with some new(er) friends.

Both a bit lower key and both lots of fun. It was more about catching up and sharing stories than getting drunk and being ridiculous (because let's face it, I do that most of the year anyhow!).