Saturday, June 23, 2007

'In Flight Safety'- AMAZING

So I went to see my friend's brother's band yesterday, In Flight Safety... They were AMAZING!!! They were playing at the Horseshoe Tavern at midnight and I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not the biggest fan of indie bands or live music and I've heard many live bands playing in local pubs/bars that are not good... but these guys were soooo good. It reminded me of how I saw Matchbox 20 play at the "Republic" in Calgary a million years ago (good old days) and two years after that they were playing in the Saddledome.

You can buy their songs on itunes or check out their website:

The surreal part of the whole experience was that this is someone who I knew 20 years ago- and we just reconnected on facebook. He is actually the younger brother of a good friend of mine- from my summers in Moncton, NB. Jen and I lost touch after I stopped going out East for the summers (as would be expected from young kids before the age of internet)... and then I found her again on facebook- 20 years later. so crazy.
John (the younger brother) was friends with my brothers- so last night I had to be the biggest nerd and get a picture taken with John to post... and then get him to sign my CD. It'll be worth something some day!!! Sigh- Who knew I could be such a groupie?? :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Evolution keeps winning

It's a bittersweet victory when you are part of a team that has now won a top award for an ad- but are no longer WITH the team that won said award!!! The Dove team at Ogilvy won the Cyber Grand Prix award at Cannes- the top award in the WORLD for advertising... which is exciting, amazing and happens usually once in a lifetime! I'm so proud of everyone who worked on the project and am so proud of being part of such a project. To anyone in advertising- they know this is huge. And for me - While I am missing out on the immediacy of basking in glory and accolades I know that eventually it will be like for everyone else- a cherished and amazing memory. : )
Again no pics. maybe when Janet comes back from Cannes I can steal one of her pictures and upload the moment...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spa Nails

There have been many many times in the past two weeks where I have thought "That would make a good post" and then I don't write anything- because I don't have a picture to support it. But I also can't carry my camera around everywhere I go! Paul and I went to the clothing optional beach at Hanlon's point a few weeks ago- and I thought that while it might be nice to have a picture of us frolicking on the beach and enjoying the sun (a very enjoyable afternoon), the background scenery might have been a bit much!! (I asked Paul before we left "just exactly how many people go the clothing optional route?" he said "about 10%" but it was opposite day and he meant that pretty much everyone on the beach was naked. Except for me and Paul.
Then that night we went to an amazing fundraiser for Second Harvest (thanks for the tix Edlynne!). It was a night of food and wine stations- with the best food the city had to offer. So delish.
But the reason for my post is a little free advertising for the place "Spa Nails". I went there on Saturday with my friend Robyn and we both had mani-pedis for $35. (plus tip). so amazing!!! It's at Summerhill and Yonge and I only called the day before for resos. We sat in these lovely massage chairs and had an incredibly restful 45 minutes. I'd recommend it to anyone. Spa Nails: 416-928-6565. (of course the pedicure was NOT as good as the one I get in Calgary when I go to Angles Spa in Brentwood with Sue-Ann...but the commute is a bit easier to bear in Toronto!)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

baby steps

Having not started a new job for a loooong time... I forgot how overwhelming it can be. It's not just "learning the ropes" at a new place, but learning about new brands (or in my case 4 new brands) and new projects, and new people and processes...'s a tad overwhelming.
Luckily though the people here at Leo are great- I'm slowly slowly starting to get to know them. I have to remember when I first started working on Dove I was "the quiet one". HAH! I'm finding my patience again and trying to remember that "no Sarah you can't just hug someone randomly..." and people might give me strange looks when I hyber-olate or say "meow meow meow", all the while confusing different projects and brands and research...
But with all of this newness comes a new found source of pride and the simplest things now brings me joy. I feel as if I've accomplish so much just by briefing in a creative team: standard fare in the old days! Things that used to be simple no brainers are now big deals. At least for the time being...