Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And so it begins ...

I am back at work and it's busy and crazy and lots going on and I'm loving it. I missed being busy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All we need is love

Alright...so I've been dealing with something lately... the details of which I won't get into. Though many of you know, it's not worth ranting and raving about on-line.
Net net- there was a person in my life that I was quite fond of. He decided he didn't like me so much and treated me not so nicely. I retaliated in a way very unlike my normal behaviour and he responded in kind.
Throughout all of this I became quite angry at him. (And probably also angry at myself). Angry and full of hate.

What did that get me?

It got me a couple of months of being angry, and ranting and raving at anyone who would listen (and who eventually stopped listening- who can blame them?!). It got me bad, negative moods and errant behaviour.
The anger spread and started taking over other aspects of my life. Like the disease that it is... it started infecting friendships, relationships and my personal sense of peace.
I've always been a fairly optimistic and positive person. And have coached others to be the same. Filled with anger and hate I became the person who said "I don't care. I'm tired of being the bigger person- let them admit they are wrong. I'm a victim! I don't care what they want- what about what I want?! Poor me, poor me, poor me!"
Very ugly.
And exhausting.

Which brings us to today. Or rather- last night.
I was sitting on my couch, plotting revenge and being miserable and suddenly this thought just came to me. You have to forgive him. You have to love him.

Now this person doesn't want my forgiveness. This person definitely doesn't want my love. He hates me and never wants to see me again (I KNOW- ME!!! Can you imagine?!?!) but nevertheless that's not the point. The anger and hate exists in me because I'm holding onto it. And I can't let go of it until I choose love over this.

And so I did.
And immediately I felt that weight come off of me. I literally felt light again. And thought to myself "oh... there you are" (meaning me). The happy, optimistic and good person was back.

And I don't need to have contact with this person or make a grandiose gesture of forgiveness, because that's for me, and he's seeking neither of those things. I apologized to this person weeks ago. And whether not he accepts and forgives as well... well that's for him.

I have to say though- it's SO MUCH BETTER!!!! Love and forgiveness rock over anger and hate.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Check me out!

One of my last jobs at Leo Burnett was to work on a campaign for our pro-bono client "Greensaver". They are a company that does energy efficiency audits on homes to ensure that they are as environmentally efficient as possible. Not just to be socially conscious but to save you money (that's my sales pitch!).

Anys... we did this transit/subway poster campaign for them- which is in market right now. It's definitely different for the category as it's light and tongue in cheek- versus all the usual heavy handed "we're all going to die unless you change to energy efficient lightbulbs!!!" rhetoric.

Here is the online banner ad featuring yours truly...It's kind of small and when I get a copy of the final image I'll post it as well. The thought bubble says "Now my carbon footprint is as stylish as my shoe collection."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Olivia Kostecki

Can't write right now but wanted to post more pics of the baby... She's so cute.

Friday, October 10, 2008

And her name is...

Olivia!!! She's a little bit scrunchy right now but in a beautiful way! And yes she looks like a baby... but she's MY baby... or my baby neice... : )

I'm going to Winnipeg to see her tomorrow and will post more pictures afterwards!



Born at 7:17am and weighing 8.5ish lbs...

Her name is "Baby"... okay it's not- but that's what they are calling her for now!!!

: )

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rogers is the devil

I signed on to Rogers phone services 10 years ago. At that time I didn't have a credit rating so I had to provide a deposit of $200. When my contract ended and I left, they kept $70 for outstanding costs. But never mailed me the cheque for $130. Despite a year of repeated calls and assurances they would. So I blacklisted Rogers for eternity... until this year.

They got the iphone. I wanted the iphone. So I RELUCTANTLY signed up again.

Now I've moved- and I'm in a country that Rogers does not service. And I am having to pay $500 for the cancellation of this policy. Awesome.

I told them about the previous money that Rogers still owes Sarah Kostecki... but of course they didn't care.

I hate them. Don't use them. Don't sign up with them. Don't support them. There are a million other providers out there (well in Canada only 2) but STILL... the phone is not worth the aggravation of dealing with this NIGHTMARE.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


The one thing that I will say is that I am incredibly disconnected from the world. My cell phone is still my Canadian phone and picks up what service it feels like. When it picks up AT&T it's great and functions (mostly) but when it picks up T-Mobile there is NO SERVICE. I do have Internet at night but it's also pretty slow and unreliable. (tonight it seems to be working okay- knock on wood).
I don't have a phone at work. And the phone at my corporate housing only let's me make local calls. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but my brother and his GF are having a baby- IMMINENTLY - and I need to be accessible!!!

It's just frustrating is all.

My first few days.

One thing that people think of when they think of New York City is the pollution. You know... it's a concrete jungle and full of smog and dirt. Everything is processed, dirty and loud (all true)... but none of that bothers me. In fact those are all things I love about this place. What bothers me is the CIGARETTES! Everyone freakin' smokes and they all smoke on the street and as I am walking down the street to get to work I have to breath it in. It's gross.

What else can I say about nyc?? Well I love the fact that I live here because I don't have to stress out running around like a fool to see and do everything.. because I know I have time. I LIVE here. I'm not just visiting. I am here permanently. It's so weird. I had dinner with a friend the other night who moved here 7 months ago. She said that she's just started to feel as though she lives here.

I met my roommate on Tuesday and I loved her- she's awesome. I saw my apartment... and it has a lot of potential. It just needs a few coats of paint and some light. I live in the Upper East Side- 3 blocks away from the park. There are tons of shops and dry cleaners around my house (seriously- I don't understand why there are so many dry cleaners...). And despite all the cleaners- I love the neigbourhood. It's just like you would imagine when you think of New York. And I actually love the idea of living uptown and coming downtown to go out.

I met one of my neighbours today. His name was Mark- and he was super friendly. He's lived in the building for 16 years. Apparently the Marx brothers used to live in my building (on the fourth floor- I'm on the 2nd).

Ok- it's time for the VP debate. It's on about 7 of the 9 main channels so I think I'll tune in. I do live here and should pay a bit more attention to what's going on.