Thursday, May 31, 2007


I had such a great week for friendships! I wanted to share how great it was. It started on the weekend when I spent the day with a friend of mine- helping her to buy a new bike, and riding around town and eating greasy fish and chips in the park before heading off to a noisy dancey bar for some random fun. Monday night I talked to one of my best friends (my twin) for over an hour- just catching up and having a freakin' great conversation. Then afterwards I went over to a friends house for a "wii" night. (Ever played?! SO MUCH FUN). We ate trashy food and played Monkey Ball. Tuesday night I met a new friend for coffee- and a potential 20 min convo turned into an hour and a half of great conversations (yes I'm totally going to overuse the word "great" in this post). Wednesday I met some friends for dinner- it had been a ridiculously long time since we'd last seen each other and we made vows not to let it happen again. Last night I went out for dinner with some friends- a good-bye/hello dinner, and afterwards some other work peeps joined us on the patio. It was amazing: gorgeous outside, everyone was in great spirits and laughing and talking... and I was so content to be there. Then this morning i received a card from a good friend who lives far far away (in the distant land called "Calgary") just saying hi and congrats on the new job. In this era of internet and email I know how much effort that takes- and was all the more appreciative of the thought.
Now will I have a week like this every week? I don't think I could afford it either in money or sleep. But this week was wick and serves to make me appreciate the amazing people that populate my life. And now I have to run and meet some buddies to watched "Knocked Up'- unfortunately I have high expectations for this movie- and anyone who knows me knows that this is not a good thing... maybe I'll post a review of it...
I wish wish wish I had taken my camera with me all week- to capture it all but instead -here is a mini photo of me. Just what everyone wanted. I was having some fun with the iphoto. Dont I look scary and washed out?

Update: I went to the movie- everyone really loved it. I thought it was only ok.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

I have two new favourite things- both that I discovered in one day. How fun. First of all I took a pilates class at my office. Yes my office offers Pilates on Tuesdays… which is kind of great. So I thought I’d give it a try - and it nearly killed me. But it was a good kind of near death experience- where I was pushing myself really hard. It’s easy when you have a regular work out routine- to not really break a sweat. Today I’m not sore- which makes me nervous… I’m scared for tomorrow’s muscle pain!!!

The other thing I discovered was the TV show “Entourage” which is kind of like “Sex in the City” for men. I know I know- I’m not a guy, and I’m also about 3 years late on this one. I always “discover” shows when they are nearing the end of their run (“24”, “The West Wing” are two examples). But regardless – I’ve been watching it on the TV Links site (which hosts all kinds of TV shows- LOVE that site!), and am loving it. Sooooo funny. So wrong, and really sad that it’s probably based in reality. But, still funny.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Piggly Wiggly

Yes it exists. I've seen it. I've driven by it. I remember they mentioned the "Piggly Wiggly" in the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and little ignorant Sarah thought it was something clever that has been written for the movie. But it wasn't. Although to be fair- it's no more off of a grocery chain name than "Overwaitie" which is popular in Western Canada. Anyhow... Here are some pictures - first off- us on the airplane heading down to Birmingham. Then me and my cousin Elisa in front of the Cullman Flea Market, whiling away the hours rocking.

I have to be careful what I write here - it would be sooo easy to make fun of the South and the accents, and the stereotypes which are mostly true (like the 15 yr old who has been driving a truck since he was 6 yrs old)- but that would be too easy- and wouldn't acknowledge what I have discovered: the kindness of the people, and beauty of the countryside. Yesterday I went for a run around the subdivision where my cousin Ross lives- it's so green and spread out and the complete opposite of the housing divisions that sprout up like cancer in the suburbs of Calgary- (which looking exactly the same - like a rash over the city). And the killer thing was- EVERYONE who drove by me, waved at me. Everyone I ran by, nodded, waved and said hello- way nicer than anyone you encounter in the supposedly "nice" city of Toronto (or even Calgary for that matter).

The only thing is I've kind of adopted the southern accent- yikes! If you catch me saying "y'all" then give me some grace to come back down... it's really addictive!! Oh and the last picture is the family outside of the Cheesecake Factory- where you order a small salad and its' about the size of a double XXL. Piggly wiggly indeed...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time well wasted

So I have a week off between jobs (heading out to Alabama for the long weekend) and find myself at odds for what to do. It's seldom that I have so much unscripted time! What does one do with a week off that doesn't include getting on a plane? I was going to paint my new room- since it's a sickly pale yellow, but the idea exhausts me. Aside from the gym and shopping... and riding my bike... and shopping... any suggestions?! I've actually taken to watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. Today Brandon and Steve taught a valuable about standing up for what you believe in, while coaching little league baseball. Counter balancing it with reading Barack Obama's autobiography so that I don't feel like I'm losing too many brain cells. I'll post a review of it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The End of an Era (well an era for me anyway)

So tomorrow is my last day at Ogilvy- which is definitely bittersweet. I am excited about my new job, and the change and the new opportunities- (I think I need a little shaking up...) BUT I'm also going to MISS everyone at this place soooo much. I've been part of the "Ogilvy Family" for 6.5 years and Team Unilever for 3.5... a long time to be part of such an amazing group of people. I don't think I realized how sad I would be until this week and I started to dismantle my office, and say my good-byes and it became really real. I have never felt such an outpouring of appreciation and love (esp. for my hugs!) than before this week- from colleagues, partners and clients. If anyone ever wants to give their ego a boost they should give notice as it's nothing but compliments from then on out!!

I will say that I'm kind of glad to be leaving with sadness in my heart. At least it shows me that my time here was wisely spent- and that the relationships I've formed here were real and meaningful, and that they will endure.

So now... on to the next terrifying thing... I've been told that the people at Leo (the aegncy I'm going to) aren't "huggers". That's my key point of difference! What am I going to do?! : ) I'll keep you posted on the next stop in the journey...