Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"She's Gone Bridal"

Before I started at Ogilvy NY I had a good long conversation with a girl named Liz about life at Ogivly: the work-life balance, the people and the work. And as conversations are wont to do... ours steered off course from 'work stuff' to 'life stuff' and we found we quite a few things in common, one of which is that we've both had the experience of being a bridesmaid multiple times.
Where I think Liz's experiences differed from mine is that she has stood up for friends who underwent a sort of 'transformation' if you will, from a 'bride' to a *ahem* 'bridezilla'. And these experiences have provided fodder for a great many stories.
(For the record I've had the fortune of being with a pile of the most laid back brides ever - seriously- I can't think of a single bride who was anything but calm and accommodating!).
But this fodder for great storytelling has become just that- a great story. And Liz has written a book. It's on shelf today- and is called... "She's Gone Bridal".
It's funny, charming and insightful- just like Liz.

I think you should pick up a copy and read it and tell your friends about it so they can read it too! Everyone can live vicariously through her experiences- or learn something to help your own! http://tinyurl.com/d9wc6p

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Catalyst of the Financial Crisis

We all know there is a recession. We have heard the words "In these troubled times" over and over again. Thousands of people are getting laid off (unemployment is an all time high), people are losing their homes, banks are closing. It's pretty grim.

And I sort of, but didn't really, understand why. I knew it had to do with giving out mortgages to people who didn't deserve them- but not the intricacies.

Here is a neat visual doc that shows you what happened and what was the first step that got us to where we are today. There's more to this story- but let's take it piece by piece...

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bad New York Movers

I had thought we were in a recession. I had thought people were scrambling for work. I thought people were desperate for money.

Everyone except for Lana, Alex and Joseph apparently. They are the movers that decided that they didn't need to work and my money was worthless to them. This is their number: 347-251-2327. Please don't ever use it as you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is their email addy through craigslist: serv-bgnu5-1097968021@craigslist.org. Feel free to email them with a bogus request. This is a picture of their sad ridiculous faces in case you see them on the street and feel compelled to throw something at them.

Like the fat girl waiting for jock to pick her up for the prom... incredulously unaware that it's all a set-up to humiliate her... she keeps waiting and hoping "he's only 30 minutes late- he'll come... he'll come..." (as she shovels another kit-kat into her mouth...).

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Rundle Hall, (home) Castle Hall, (home) Brewster Hall, 14th & Northmount, Home, Guatemala, Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Roncesvalle, Aberdeen, 301 Sherbourne, 225 Sherbourne across the street, Yonge & Queens Quay, Upper East Side and now...
the Upper West Side.
I moved out when I was 18. This is my 15th move in the 15 years since. This includes a drive across Canada and from Canada to the US.

And it doesn't get any easier. I guess I care less about my possessions and tend to leave stuff behind. And I kind of have it down to a science of throwing stuff in a box. I've also learned it's easier to pay people to come and move your stuff rather than enlist friends or do it yourself. And I haven't accumulated a lot of 'things' to move.

But it's still not fun.

And there is still nostalgia about moving and starting afresh.

Overall it's not something I like to do. But here I go again.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

something bright.

It's been a couple of days... with the sad news of the passing of an old colleague/friend Michelle.

Here is something that made me smile today. It's cheesey- but cute (thanks Paula).

It's a baby hedgehog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Country

Some friends and I went to upstate New York this weekend. We were meant to go to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) for dinner but they lost our reservation. We went to this little Armenian restaurant in Amenia. (not intentionally!) and it proved to be a delicious little find.

Driving through the country we came across a covered bridge.

Here is Rose taking a picture of Rob & Lindi.

The picture that Rose was taking.

Here is me and Rose.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I still heart my job

I love my job I love my job I love my job

and this time I mean it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buffalo Stance

I went to see my roommate (soon to be old roommate) singing on Saturday night. She's in an 80s pop cover band called "Buffalo Stance". It was their first performance and they were awesome. The crowd was quite 'eclectic' (read: old and weird) but a good time was had by all

Here they are at the start.

This is me and Rose enjoying the show.

Getting into it.

The crowd. It was pretty good. Though some really freaky characters.

this and that

I found an apartment today. I've been looking on and off for a few weeks... it was pretty grim. But yesterday I found a listing on craigslist and went to see it today. It's on the Upper West Side... loved it. Loved the roommates -though I walked out of there thinking "they must think I'm a complete nut job" because I'd been rambling so much (what?! me?!) ...

But N (new roommate) called me 10 minutes later and said "let's do it."

So I'm in and I move in 2 weeks.

yikes! but good news
I also had a dream about my Dad last night. I was at my Stepmoms' house and we were hanging out with Stefan and David (though we were all grown up...) and I kept going up and down the stairs and my Dad was standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a forest green polo shirt tucked into his jeans- just looking so happy and smiling at me. I asked if the others could see him and they couldn't. So I knew he was there for me. It was a happy dream and I woke up smiling.
Here is David and O. They have matching hair.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I heart my job.

I love my job I love my job I love my job.

I just have to keep telling myself this.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Apartment Hunting in New York City

scene: downtown new york apartment, a girl and a guy are standing in the kitchen/foyer of a slightly run down but moderately clean typical apartment.

me: Hello- I'm Sarah. I'm here to look at the apartment (trying to appear friendly and likeable to this potential roommate met 5 seconds earlier)

him: hi there. Come in. Let's tour around.

me: Bedroom. nice. Living room. Ok. Bathroom- Hey what's the water pressure like in the shower?

him: Its good. But if you really want to know- you could always jump in and find out if you'd like. *grins and raises eyebrows*

me: ok bye.


camera opens on a different new york apartment with a different guy- same girl.

him: ...here's the bedroom- look there's exposed brick. It's really 'new york'

me: the room seems... kind of small for $1500...
(it fits the bed- and that's it. you have to crawl over the bed to get to the window to open the curtain)

him: Look (pointing excitedly) exposed brick!

me: And there's no closet...

him: but we have exposed brick??? (truly confused as to why girl is not jumping up and down)

me: (changing the subject) So...are there grocery stores in the neighbourhood?

him: Oh yah- there's a great butcher on the corner. I get all of my meat there...

me: Oh that's cool- but I don't really cook per se...

him: It's better than Whole Foods- all natural braised meat... the finest selection- a bit more expensive but worth it...

me: yah... I've cooked once in the last 5 months and that was heating up soup on the stove top.

him: They have the most beautiful cuts of venison...

me: Oh look um- exposed brick!


Opens on a girl and a real estate agent in a 'luxury lobby' (word 'luxury' is open to interpretation) of a downtown apartment building. The pair go up to see the 'luxury' layout.

There is no living room. It's a converted 2 bedroom- and the living room is cut in half to make a 3rd bedroom.

him: See how great it is- luxury luxury luxury!

me: There's no living room

him: It's a luxury converted 2 bedroom- THIS is the living room. (He stands in the expanded foyer)

me: That's a foyer. A large foyer granted, but it's not a living room.

him: Luxury!

me: (sighs) I'm out.

Final scene opens on a truly nice apartment. A bit small but bigger than most we've seen. It's tastefully done and seems clean and almost living up to the phrase "luxury". Girl feels hopeful as this seems like the real deal.

me: Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm Sarah!

him: Hi there. meow meow I work in investment banking meow meow - money & headge funds meow I'm so great meow meow meow

me: (cringing) Why don't you show me around the apartment and tell me a bit about it?

him: meow I have a giant screen TV with every kind of video console known to man because I make so much money posturing posturing posturing.

me: kill me now.


That was this week. Tune in next Sunday to see how I fare in round 2 of "apartment hunting in nyc".

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who says you can't go home again??

I just got back from Toronto. It was my friend Rob's birthday party- and I had a meeting on Monday and though I had to give up an amazing ski trip, everything seemed to coalesce and work out for a reunion weekend.
I surprised a lot of people and subsequently felt bathed in love. Even without the surprises I felt seeped in it.
My friends took very good care of me (even the ones that were sick) and it felt like I'd never left.

The first night was a late one. This is our cab drivers' coat.

It was around 4am and we were heading home from the bar- but there was 5 of us so no cab would take us (WHY we didn't just split up- I don't know). Then we found this guy. He acted like the car was his pimp-mobile or something with his arm thrown around the front seat, shades on (it was 4am- not pm), and loud beating music. I swear if he could've he would've had the car jumping up and down all old skool. It was sooo funny.

This is my friend (and old roommate) Paul.

Paul went on a date the other day with a guy who took classes at some celestial centre. He told Paul- within the first two minutes of their date- that he was taking the 9 levels of something or other to enlightment- and that on level 7 he reached a state of such consciousness that he was able to hear a sound that is not discernable by man or dog- but rather is a sound communicated via aliens- that manifests itself as colours shooting like lasers out of your eyes.

2 minutes in.

And Paul is going on a date #2.

Here is a pic of me and my good friends Ashleigh and Danielle at Leo. My friend Dawn decided to take pictures of the "Kostecki" invasion.

Lookit how happy I am.
Oh and one thing I'll say ... I did get a LOT of "ohmygoshyougivethegreatesthugs" comments. It almost got to the point where I was like- yah I get it. I'm a strong hugger. I know. Enough already.

Not that I'm complaining. : )

Oh and this is my friend P.