Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh what a night! pt 2

New York

Now to contrast my previous post: I went to New York City this weekend. I hadn't been for awhile, and I wanted to see some friends (I saw my good friends Rose and Randy- but missed out with Wendy and Jocelyn- next time!) I stayed with Rose again- and was overwhelmed with her freakin' generosity. I'm staying with her- and wanted to treat her to a dinner (not even expensive) to thank her- and yet she treated. It was such a great weekend- and I was totally spoiled!!!
Friday night Rose & I met Randy at Buddakan- a gorgeous place to have drinks. The drinks have uber trendy names like "Redemption" and "jealousy". The food- not so great. I don't recommend it for dinner. but for drinks and people watching it's great. Rose's friend Cindy joined us- and we literally laughed all night. It was just one of those unplanned nights that turned into great fun.

Saturday was filled with shopping around Union Square. I went to "Fresh" (one of my fave stores) and made a rash purchase decision I soon regretted. However they wouldn't return my purchase (from an hour earlier) but the girl felt so bad and wanted me to not regret my purchase that she heaped on piles of free stuff - so I definitely recommend going there! (Just know that their return policy is not as great as Sephora!).
Then that night Rose & I met some friends of hers (who I now feel like are friends of mine) at Gordon Ramsye's restaurant "This is London". I was excited because they happened to have my favourite vodka- Zubrowska- and we could start the night off with "apple pies". Food was beautiful and delicious and filling and expensive. But the company was great and the whole night was an experience- so very worth it. Plus it was Lindi's birthday so we had a reason to celebrate!

I also got to drool over Pauls iphone- I LOVE IT. Rose and I went to the Apple store on 5th (which I also love) the next day. I can't wait til it comes to Canada (IF it comes to Canada).

Then on Sunday Randy and I met at "the Spice Market" (I'll leave out the part where we wandered around for 2 hours before finally deciding on the Spice Market!) and had another incredible meal (samonas :awesome, Crab salad : awesome, Lobster- not really worth it). Then we were walking back uptown (or is it downtown) along the river, and came upon a heli-pad where they were doing city tours. So we went on a helicopter ride around the city- AMAZING!!! Another gorgeous cloudless day- and we could see everything. I was lucky enough to have a seat right by the window. So great.

So that brings us up to date- and back to work this week. It's a full 5 day week- haven't had that in awhile and not sure what to do with myself. work I suppose. And get ready for poolapoolooza next weekend. What is poolzpoolooza you ask? Well you'll have to wait for the pics next week to find out... : )

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