Monday, December 03, 2007

Sympathy for South Carolina

I just had my own South Carolina moment... I was thanking the former mayor of Toronto for coming in to speak about the United Way to our team of senior staff here at work. I hadn't prepared anything to say but while she was speaking I thought - oh if I'm called on to talk I could say x: and x sounded good in my head, but on the way from my head to my mouth it transformed into something else. Something like bflxy78xsz. I started to ramble and just throw words together- not in any sort of order or anything mind you- and I floated out of my body and looked down and thought "Sarah- STOP talking!! Just STOP IT!!"
I managed to tidy it up and say a proper thank you by the end- and people politely applauded, but I still feel just like Ms. South Carolina in the Miss. USA paegent.

Okay, I wasn't that bad, but then again my standards are a lot higher.

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The Hansens said...

I man, I'm so embarrassed for that woman... I'm sure you weren't that bad.