Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the legend of Sarah

I'm still not inspired to write... and I don't know why. I love to write. I write all the time. I have been writing in my journal. And I've had lots going on... and fun times and good times. There's no reason for me to not write. It's not like I'm worried about spreading the toxic poison that was occupying me for awhile there. I mean...
It's sunny out again. Lovely.
Me and my roommate are going to paint our apartment. fun.
Soon I get the room with the walk-in closet. can't wait.
It's pride this weekend. good times.
It's a long four day weekend coming up. more fun.
I made out with a hot guy the other day. yet more fun.
Work is going well (I'm pretending anything in the first year of my job didn't actually happen). so that's good.
I got a fantastic dress from 'free people' on sale the other day- 70% off. big score.
I just don't know what it is.

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