Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a lovely day to be kidnapped

"Come and join me on a tale of adventure"

As you may know- I'm currently watching the TV show "Lost", which means I've kind of cut myself off of all inessential human contact. Friday night I spent 5 hours watching it. In a little over two weeks I have watched 3.5 seasons. It's sick.

(But not as sick as this picture of O!)

*ahem* Saturday I had some good friends call me at 10am and ask what my plans were for the day (being that it was a beautiful 30C no humidity day in one of the best cities in the world). "Er... well I'm just... running errands" I evasively said.

"Come have breakfast/fun/errands with us!" they exclaimed.

I promised that I would go for breakfast (a girl's gotta eat afterall) and then see how the day would unfold- fully planning on having my toast and getting back to my couch.

Luckily they didn't let that happen and my breakfast date lasted until about 2am that night.

(This is a not-that-related picture of my friend Gene with his new daughter at E's birthday... to add visual interest since I didn't take a picture of us eating)

After breakfast we walked across Central Park to get to the East side where E was picking up some race registration. On the way through the park we modeled it up and re-enacted "The Sound of Music" on the hills of Central Park. Pictures to come.

We then went to the Met to see the Impressionists paintings. There was also a really cool exhibit on the rooftop which we enjoyed with a glass of wine. Here's the view from the roof.

One our way back through the park we stopped at the Boathouse for some lunch.

Here's a picture of Olivia having some of her own lunch while in Winnipeg a few weeks ago. (Completely relevant)

Then through the park where we listened to a guy who has been singing/busking there for 18 years.

Um- this is a picture of the exhibit on the rooftop at the Met. I didn't take a picture of the busker.

Back to John and E's house for a nap/drink/rest before heading out to dinner.

Then John and I went to play pool (1-1) while E and her friend got ready for their race the next day.
And yup- here's that exhibit again.

Sunday ended up being a good day to lay in bed. And I watched Lost.

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