Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raining? Really? Feels like sunshine to me.

I had such a good sleep last night so woke up feeling rested and refreshed- those are the best mornings.
Big smile on my face as I make my way to work.
Colleague tells me I've got a polished NYC look going on today- even though I feel like I just threw on "whatever".
Got a really great email from my stepmom.
Had some productive 'let's solve some problem's' meetings all morning. I feel like I'm on fire.
Saw some old clients -big hugs and smiles.
I sat at my desk and wished I had some pad thai for lunch. I went down to the cafeteria and in our international section: Pad Thai. I willed it into being.
Come upstairs to another colleague throwing love at my $30 Gap shoes.
It's grim and rainy outside and I'm having the sunniest day.

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