Monday, June 27, 2011

It's as great as they say it is

This is my third summer in NYC but my first time out to the Hamptons. I took the "Hampton Jitney" today, bringing to mind some random SITC episode where Carrie took the same bus out for a week at some 'share'. My friend of a friend picked me up and brought us back to our fabulous beach house to not share.

They rented the house for June. ($20,000 for the month of June- but before you lose your mind- that's a steal compared to the $65,000 it is for July!) My own stay started out as a week in the sun, and its now whittled down to a few hours stolen by the pool...but every hour is worth it to make the trek out.

The air just feels fresh. I've already killed three little creepy crawly things roaming about the house (because they have NATURE out here!) and I can see the ocean literally a block away.

I will be doing conference calls in the sun tomorrow and LOVING every second.

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