Monday, July 04, 2011

Perceptions & misperceptions & interpretations with Communications

In this world where we our primary means of communication (talking either face to face or over the phone) is being taken over by the written word (email or text) there is an upswing in miscommunication & misinterpretation.

Too often people will ascribe feelings/moods/tone and temper to a note that is completely inaccurate- based upon their own mood/tone/temper or feeling. I know emoticons exist to alleviate some of this... but you can only have so many happy smiley faces before you think- surely give me some credit and I'll give you the same that you have to know I'm joking as I write this.

And at the end of the day- there is no tone in an email. Yes there is context and there is background, but too often people will LEAP to conclusions about the intent behind words (usually to a negative place) without actually giving the writer the benefit of the doubt.

Why don't people automatically jump to a good conclusion (innocent before proven guilty?) instead of just assuming the worst?!?!

Tres FRUSTRATING!!!!! : ( grrrrr...

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