Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eating for my blood type

A few months ago I saw my aunt for the first time in a year. She looked great: bright skin, weight loss, more energy etc. She was glowing. She told me it was because she had started the "Eat for your Blood Type" diet.

I'd heard of this diet, it's been around for 15 years, but had never put much stock in it. Just like the Atkins diet I'd thought it was just another fad thing for quick weight loss, grounded in nothing but gimmicks and false hope. However when my naturopath doctor friend mentioned it a few months later I was intrigued (I respect her opinion a lot!). Intrigued enough to read up on it.

The initial summary provides a description of each blood type and I immediately started to identify with blood type O (no idea what blood type I was at the time). Type O's prefer intense exercise like running & martial arts as opposed to calming exercise like yoga & thai chi. O's also suffer from Ulcers and should avoid wheat. They also aren't able to drink most beverages.

I've said in the past that"I only drink a few things- wine, water and green tea. I don't drink soda or juice or coffee" (how boring was that conversation?!). I also don't like bread and I get canker sores (ulcers) all the time.  And while I hate yoga I love running and Muay Thai.

Turns out I'm O+.

I find it interesting that I could see my traits so specifically outlined in my blood type - there is something to our genetics driving our behaviours. I've been making choices that are suited to how my body is constructed.

So... I'm giving it a shot. My friend and I will try it for 3 months and see if it makes a difference.

(ed note: the one thing incompatible with behaviour and the 'science' behind the blood type is that apparently I should avoid peanuts. Like the peanuts found in peanut m&m's. This isn't necessarily 100% accurate surely?!)

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