Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show has recently become available on Hulu and last night I watched the pilot episode. I used to watch this show with my family every Thursday night. And yes it was TV and TV gets a bad rap- but I remember it as being quality time spent with my family. We would gather together each week and watch and laugh and enjoy time together.
Now the show launched in 1984-  27 years ago. Literally TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS. And it STILL holds up.
The writing is clever (& funny!) layered with insights that are still relevant today. The performances are natural and nuanced and the characters are relate-able and likeable. It's the original modern family. I was laughing. I wasn't cringing like one does on some older shows and other than the clothes it didn't feel dated.
Am I crazy? Is it a show that holds up as well as I think or was I just too many glasses of Thanksgiving wine in to be able to tell the difference between quality and memory?

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