Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TIFF time

Must. not. get. sucked. in.

It's that time of year again- where Toronto is overtaken by celebrities... Last year I avoided it by going to Europe. Two years ago I sat outside the Roy Thompson Hall with my now roommmate Paul, to catch a glimpse of an incredibly (short) but good looking Marky Mark. (and get a picture-thank you very much!)

This year I thought I'd take a gander (two days before it starts) at the film list and see if there is anything that tickles my fancy. OF COURSE nothing is available. All the gala events are sold out. What sort of celebs, er I mean movies am I missing out on?

Well Jake Gyllenhaal is in town to promote "Rendition"- Brad Pitt for "The Assassination of Jesse James" and George Clooney for "Michael Clayton". Not to mention Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Street and Cate Blanchett!!! Me- the girl who reads (and is disgusted with herself for reading) blogs like "perezhilton" everyday... I really just want to see the celebs- not pay $40 for a movie that I can see in the regular theatre in a couple of months time. Let's be real. So maybe I'll find my camera and do some stalking this weekend- get some better pics. The weather is supposed to be nice...

Incidentally the TIFF website has spelled Assassination wrong- not to make Canadians look sloppy or anything.

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