Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yes India...

I realize that Im going to India on Friday- and while many of my friends here in town know this- my friends reach farther and wider than this little dot called "T-dot" and lots of people didn't know I was planning this adventure.
Well my adventure was nearly waylaid yesterday when I realized I had lost my passport. I JUST had it two weeks ago so I'm convinced I threw it out on the weekend when I was cleaning my room in mad dash to get sorted for Fall. I distinctly remember picking up the pile of magazines (where I believe the passport was tucked) and thinking "I should go through these" and then countering with "no Sarah- you're such a pack rat! Just learn how to get rid of things you dont need! You will never read these magazines again- throw them out!" and I proudly threw them all in the trash- thinking i was taking a leap towards becoming a better, more well balanced person.
Then last night I prayed I would dream about where my passport was... and I dreamt that my passport was with my other passport stuff- stupid dreams.
Anyhow- I went today to get an emergency passport (thanks Kirsti and Jen for helping!). Tomorrow I go to see about an Indian VISA. (Which was tucked into the passport). Their website says they can do same day turnaround but need my passport- which I get Friday at 8am. So Friday at 9am I will be at the office applying for the VISA- and then picking it up at 3pm so I can catch my ride to the airport for 4pm. Good times. I'll find out tom morning if it will all work out as I've planned.
As for the trip- Im going with my friends Jane and Jason. We're all shot and ready to go. We're doing a GAP Adventure tour for two weeks- in Northern India. We land in Delhi and then tour through .... well I won't write it all out-if you want the dossier it's here: Jewels of India.
When I get back I'll post pictures of the Taj Mahal...
I've been wanting to go to India since my first year of University- so this is a fairly long time in coming... It came about because Jane posted her trip on facebook and said others should come along. I don't think she thought anyone would take her up on it- but I did.
I've always thought I dont have enough time/money or anyone to go with. Well I can make those excuses forever and never have enough time/money etc... so I just said "I'm going." and off I go.
It should be amazing. I just hope I don't get dengue fever and die (kidding Mom!!!)
And it's a tour- but it's a GAP Tour... my good friend Laura has done one of those and she said it's way more independent. Basically you have a place to sleep at night and a way to get to difference cities- so it's less stress travel. I only have two weeks so that's good for me.
Anyhow- Signing off so I can do a bit of packing- I'll write when I get back and post as many pictures as I can! Think of me next week when you're living your boring hum drum lives and I'm living it up in "culturally rich full of change my life experiences" India! xo : )

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