Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What else?

Of course I thought I'd be posting pictures from India for weeks and weeks, but I've already sent out the link to my album at Kodak Gallery and I've already bored friends and family with countless tales of my journey. Really - the only people interested in the trip are the people I went with- so I will continue to talk about it with them.
Now moving on...
My good friend Lori and her fiance Jeff (also a friend) were in Toronto last night- and we went for dinner at "Little India". (so yum). I hadn't seen them since March- so it was great to catch up.
Here we are after dinner- I look like I'm glomming (how do you spell that word?!) to Lori and she's thinking "Oh here we go again- Sarah is trying to sit in my lap" with a look of fear and, dare I say... love??, on her face.

My cousin Tara is also in town staying and she joined us. (I'm sooo glad she's home!) She's just been in South Korea for a couple of years- and is experiencing reverse culture shock. I think that's one of the reasons she came to Toronto- so she could go to Koreatown and get her fix!

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laura said...

You sent out a kodak gallery invitation to all your photos of India..I want to see it :o)