Friday, October 12, 2007

When is jet lag considered jetlag?

I keep thinking I'm not suffering from jetleg (and lucky for it) because I'm awake all day and go to sleep easily at night- and only wake up at 5am (not 3am or something). And lots of people get up at 5am normally right? Well getting up at 5am sucks. Seriously.
But I guess there's time to post more pictures.
These are out of order- but here are some pictures of Pushkar (there was the first one I posted- of the parade in town). This was on day 3- the first town we hit after Delhi.

Me and my camel. This is now my second camel ride- first one was in Morocco in the desert at sunrise. This one was in the country at sunset. I'm wearing an outfit I bought in Delhi called a salwar kameez- which consists of a long flowy top and loose pants. It was $5- because it was a pretty basic design. My friends bought some that were beautiful: but I wanted something basic that I could just wear to keep cool. It was 35C with 98% humidity and of course none of the clothes I bought were appropriate- especially to keep aligned with the modesty of the women. I wore this outfit a lot. (And while it was not the most flattering- it was super comfortable and cool!)

The sountryside while on the camel. This is where some people lived. They would wave at us as we walked on by. (They actually waved at us on the highway too as we drove through all the small towns. Young and old- though mostly the kids. They would chase the bus and wave).

The Brahma temple- the only one in India. Braham is the creator God. The other Gods have many temples all over India- but the creator just gets this one.

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