Monday, April 14, 2008

BIG family news

I just spoke about a lion-rescuer reunion when I have my own family reunion to speak of. I spent the weekend in Winnipeg visiting with Mom, Cliff, Stefan, Tanya and David (and Wilbur). There wasn't really any reason for the visit- except that David and Tanya gave me a credit to use with Westjet (thanks again guys!) and it had to be used by April. Since it was a year ago that Mom & Cliff had seen David & Tanya they decided to come out as well.
Prior to leaving I was getting a lot of grief from friends about going. "You're going where?! why?!" "Wow- fun weekend, hanging out with your parents the whole time. Sorry Sarah"
BUT- I had a GREAT weekend. I had a great time hanging out with the fam and am so glad I went. I saw my older brother's new apartment, played Rummikub and went to a quilt show (yup- a quilt show). I told my roommate tonight that as sappy as it sounds I do feel loved. And I know how lucky I am to be so close to my whole family.

And FINALLY I can publish the BIG NEWS TO CELEBRATE!! Tanya is having a baby!!!! I'm going to be an AUNT!! woohoo!!! Tanya is over the three month mark now so we can share the news. David is going to be a DAD.
So crazy!!!
Everyone is really excited. Tanya is still feeling morning/noon/night sickness... but she's doing better and David is doing great with helping her out (at least he did while we were there). We went shopping for baby stuff on Saturday. The people at the store even said to my parents "let me guess- first time Grandparents?!" : )
The baby is due October 7. It would be cool if he/she was born Oct 13- my Dad's birthday, but regardless, we're just looking forward to meeting the baby when it makes his/her entrance.
Again there are no pictures of the weekend as my camera is still broken. I have to get that fixed before I head to Peru (in TWO WEEKS!!). We'll see if David sends me the pics I took with his camera.

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The Hansens said...

Whooaa, congratulations auntie Sarah! How wonderful for Tanya & David and you and all the extendeds. =) October is a great time for a baby!