Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's the most wonderful day of the year ?

It's that time of year again... Black Friday (my first) is this week and the Christmas shopping season officially begins.

I thought I'd share some ideas of what I would like. My ideas are a bit different this year as I'm living in a tiny apartment and have no need for anything... but I have thought of a few things I'd like:

- Kerastase shampoo and conditioner (the one with the white packaging and ORANGE lid)
- Lulu Lemon gift certificate
- teapot (not a kettle but the pot)
- President's Choice Moroccan Mint Green Tea (it's my fave tea and they don't sell it here)
- A thin knit black turtleneck sweater (medium)
- Books
- the Killers new CD
- magazine subscription - Nylon

And there's another site that has really good gift ideas- for me or for anyone on your list:

It's a site for Plan Canada- where you can purchase gift donations for various developing nations around the world.


If the link above doesn't work visit - www.plancanada.ca

You have to order the gifts by Dec 11 in order to receive your gift card by Dec 24 (though you could always order the gift online and then download/print off the gift card).

Happy shopping -and wish me luck this Friday!

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