Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It's Thanksgiving Day in the US today. And it's a bigger holiday (for people traveling to see family etc) than Christmas. A colleague of mine told me he thought it was because it was a non religious holiday that everyone could get behind. Makes sense.
The holiday doesn't really mean a lot to me - I celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada a few weeks ago so today was just a day off. However I did decide to partake in the festivities and go check out the parade. I naively thought- oh it's similar to the Calgary Stampede parade... (which I haven't been to in 10 years) there will be crowds and it will be busy... but the 2.5 million people will be spread out over 40 blocks- so I'll be able to see what's going on if I show up halfway through. HAH!!!! I did end up getting a good view, (actually close to what I expected) but the people... oh my gosh the people... it was insane.

I took the subway down and came up to the surface at Times Square- with masses of people. I walked over to Broadway where I caught the last 45 minutes of the parade. I saw the Shrek balloon and some others- and got to see the grand finale of Santa's sleigh and his reindeer. It was actually pretty cool to be there among the millions (literally) of other people...
My brother suggested I take my camera- which was a great idea- but I forgot it. It's too bad because I would've like to take a picture of all of the people in Time's Square.
Also I thought I'd share a new picture of baby O baking. She's only 7 weeks old but already baking cookies. She's ALREADY outshining her aunt who makes cookies using Pillsbury. yikes.

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