Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bad Men

What is the deal with the show "Mad Men"?? It's gotten all of these awards and rave reviews. I bought season 1 (very cheap) on it's reputation alone and I have to tell you... not impressed.

They smoke ALOT. But that's not acting.

Yes the 60s references are interesting (no seat belts, kids playing with plastic bags over their heads) but not compelling. And while the behaviour might seem outrageous "Look at us- we have 3 martini lunches!" - the "women are stupid" joke gets old pretty fast.

And January Jones is a HORRIFIC actor. So bad I was yelling at my computer screen "YOU ARE A TERRIBLE ACTRESS!! HOW DO YOU HAVE A JOB?!" last night...

So I guess it did generate a passionate reaction from me. That's something right?

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