Monday, December 21, 2009

Canadian Christmas Part 1

One of the benefits of living in Calgary is that you are 1 hour away from the Rocky Mountains, perfect for hiking, camping and skiing. Of course when I lived here I didn't take advantage of that- and though I learned to ski as a teenager, I took an 8 year hiatus from the sport.

Now that I've moved to NY (??) I've stared skiing again and for Christmas I thought I'd engage my friends/family to see if they wanted to "hit the slopes".

Yesterday we went to Nakiska for the day. It's not as good of a hill as Sunshine or Lake Louise, but it's also only an hour out and much more manageable for the first time of the season skiing.

It was a beautiful, awesome day with great skiing. The only (minor) downside is that it was freezing cold, though it was only -10C. And I was not dressed properly even though I looked like this:

Here is my aunt Shawnee skiing against the backdrop of the Rockies.

This is my aunt Claire, uncle Al and me ready to go down the hill.

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