Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST Theories

I think that the TV show Lost is like the book "Life of Pi" . The island is actually a metaphor representing the story of loss and redemption.

Season 6 is now going to be like the last chapter of Pi where we are shown the events we've just read/watched on the island- in real life- through the 'sideways' storyline.

We'll see how the characters are actually brought together, evolve and how they find redemption.

There is also an interesting theory I've been told- about how life will only truly happen once- with a bunch of other iterations being incomplete and imperfect progress. And the sideways story is the perfect iteration and thus final stage of life for the main characters.

ahhhh- so much to think about !!!!


Anonymous said...

I am not very loquacious, but find your blog interesting. New Zealand has many seals, wish I had the opportunity to see more. Wish you well ...



Sarah said...

thanks Pete!!!