Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada - UPDATE

Today I'm reminded of a Sunday 8 years ago... in 2002. I met a friend at a bar called "Shanks" in the West side of Calgary- to watch the gold medal game between the US and Canada. We were there at 9am for a 12pm game. And we had to wait in line for an hour to get in.

We watched the game on screens that covered the entire wall, surrounded by hundreds of people wearing red. Every time we scored the place would erupt in cheers. There was so much passion and love in the room. Especially when we won 5-3. I remember singing the National anthem with 300 of my newest closest friends and being so proud.

I'd imagine it's no different today as Canada once again goes up against the US for the gold medal. Only this time we're on home soil- in Vancouver.

The difference for me is that I'm not. I'm in the states. In a country where hockey is a second rated sport. But it's the Olympics- and the Americans will still want to win. Luckily I'll be watching the game at a bar in the Lower East Side that caters to Canadians. So there'll be a mix of cheering. I'm sure it'll be tense and heated. And I'm hopeful that the outcome will be the same- with the bar coming together to sing the CANADIAN national anthem, bound together by our love for our home and native land.

UPDATE: We won. : )

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