Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank you

Recently I was home for a family emergency. My Mom was unexpectedly sick and in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia. (If you are sick and it's been more than a week and you can't breath - GO TO THE DOCTOR!).

It was quite scary as the first couple of days my Mom was sedated, unresponsive, hooked up to a ventilator and in the ICU.

However I have an amazing support system- for which I am very thankful. My work was immediately put on hold- with everyone taking the reigns on my projects so I could focus my attention on my family.

My friends and family rallied around, whether they were in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, NY, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea... prayers, thoughts, love were being sent and expressed from everywhere. I really did appreciate every note, phone call, email, text and message.

And of course the immediate family came together to provide support to each other in a way we hadn't before. (I guess because we'd never needed to).

It's times like this that you really understand the power of humanity.

It's interesting to me, how so much positive can come out of something initially so terrible.

Oh and my Mom is doing much better now- she's out of the ICU and waiting impatiently to get out of the hospital (a great sign!). I think the worst part, the scary part, is over and now we get into the recovery.

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