Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's try this again

So I have an old friend who writes a blog about her family. I read it quite frequently as it keeps me up to date on her life, I get to see pics of her children and her home- and even though we are not in touch as much as we were say, 10 years ago, I still feel connected to her. So a couple of weeks went by without her blogging and I really missed it- I emailed her to say "Hey what's up? Are you ok? I miss your blog!" And she wrote back to say "I wish you would blog". But what would I write about I ask? I don't have a husband or kids... what would i say? BUT just because I lack the "domesticity" of many of my friends doesn't mean there isn't LOTS to say!!! Where should I start:?? I joined Facebook - so now my minimum amount of contact with friends (via email) can be diminished even further to "wall postings" now and then. I finally spoke to someone who works as an Executive producer- as that is something I've always wanted to get into (I'm meeting with more people next week). I looked at a new apartment- so I can move into a place that will let me save some money (it's tiny yes, but I'm just little me- I don't need lots of room! I feel kind of like a student again). I'm going to Miami next weekend for a TVC shoot- which will be AWESOME (hard work yes- but at least it will be hard work in South Beach) Oh and last week I turned 31!! lots of love from most of my family and friends. Had a great party Sat. night where my good friend Jeff put on a fab drag show for me and Bobby- pictures will be posted soon, and my good friend Jen found me some mega M&Ms- not normally avail in Canada!! woohoo. so yes, no pictures of children- but pictures of men in fishnets- it doesn't get any better!!! : )
here's to a FAB new year!

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The Hansens said...

Fantastic Sarah!!! I'm sooooo glad you started this blog. See, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in your life and now, in just a few minutes I feel at least partly up-to-date! Yay for me!

Miami sounds awesome. Have fun, despite the hard work. =)

Can you believe I sent you that e-mail last week talking about you turning 30?!?!!!?! I was thinking, "Hey, it's almost Feb 22-Sarah's going to be...30. Wow, it's her turn to hit the big 3-0." Then I was reading your blog and saw that you said you turned 31, and I was thinkin' "That must be a typo...Sarah's not 31. We're not 31." Then I remembered... "Wait a minute, I am 31!" I lost a whole year there... (Incidentally, it's not that I didn't actually know my age, just a small seizure or something.)

Aaaaanyway, happy belated birthday friend. I was thinking of you but I'm sorry I never talked to you that day. Sounds like it was a good one. Lookin' forward to the pics.

Jen =)