Monday, February 26, 2007

Miami, drag shows and mega M&Ms

I watched the Oscars last night, so boring!!!! Leo Dicaprio was totally orange, Gwyneth looked terrible (what was going on with the hair?!) and there wasn't a single surprise. well maybe Jennifer Hudson winning (seriously?!) but that's about it. yawn. I'm done.
I had a course at work today- so I was finished work by 5pm- amazing. I actually got to go to the gym and be done by 630- so this is how the other half lives. I almost can't handle it. I don't know what to do with all of my free time!
Did i mention I'm going to Miami this weekend. Very excited! I've never been and it's snowing like crazy here so the sunshine will be wick. It's for a shoot for Hellmann's and the client is super laid back- so should be fun. My friend Ivan is the AD and I only WISH his wife (my buddy Robyn) could come too. then it would be perfect. It's going to be hectic and crazy but at least it gets me out of the office... (which is a sad state of affairs : why am i always running away from the office?!)
Bobby and I had our dirty 30s party on Saturday night. Ker- soo glad you came out! It was great to see you and definitely on Thursday we are getting together. Dal- I hope you're feeling better...
and a BIG KISS and Sarah HUG to my friend Jeff who put on a amazing drag show for us. He dressed up (pictures posted soon I promise- just have to figure out how to work it) and rocked his pregnant belly! Also to my buddy Jen - who found some mega M&Ms and put them on brownies for my b-day... it's the little things that make me happy. And a big thank you to Robyn for doing my killer smokey sexy! : )

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