Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Europe trip 2006

My friend Laura (who is in Signapore right now!) sent me some pics from our trip to Europe last year- Sept 2006. There are a couple of us in Krakow- in front of st. Andrew's Church (900 years old and it looked it!), as well as Newgrange in Ireland (oldest known neolithic settlement- predating the pyramids by a few thousand years i think?). Oh and there's me with a Guiness. I didn't drink it. You can tell by my expression I didn't love it. Oh but I tried. And there is also a picture from Praguge- a view of the city (I had to walk up 250 very steep steps to get that picture- so APPRECIATE IT!).

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laura said...

hey hello I want to see some of your photos of our adventure!! By the way you look GREAT in your pics from chrimbo!!