Monday, April 16, 2007


I had such a great weekend! I think because it was filled with old friends, new friends, interesting conversation, and new experiences (cooking being one of them!).

Friday night I went out (FINALLY!) with my friend Janet, her husband (who is amazing!!!) and my dear friend Robyn. We went for dinner at Cucina on College (pizza there is sooo good- if you like thin crust) where we had a great convo on religion and then to the Savanah room to listen to some college kids play jazz. It was almost interpretive Jazz and it was very cool.
Saturday I went for brunch with a friend at the greasy spoon by my house. How sad that I am discovering all of these great places near me- when I move in 2 weeks!
I also met someone for coffee, who used the word 'plebicite' in our conversation. Er... how bad is it that I don't know what that word means?! Turns out: not so bad. I've informally polled 5 friends since then - who also don't know what it means. whew. But still a v. interesting guy (I think my "blond" moments might have scared him a bit tho!).
Saturday night I went to a FAB dinner party, filled with fabulous gorgeous people, and lots of wine. and dancing. so much dancing. and a late night walk at home from the Docks until I could find a stupid cab who would actually drive me across the highway. Seriously- they all want these amazing fares driving people up to North York or something, and are willing to let me walk alone at 3am in the dodgiest neighbourhood ever!! (well I was by the Docks and not really alone, but still!)
Finally Sunday morning I went for brunch where I made my hammalicious n' egg muffins! My friend Terry (who lives upstairs from me) threw the brunch- it was so amazing, and I met the most interesting people. As well as connected with some old friends.
And the recipe for the muffins?? Well since you asked...

Hammalicious Ham n' egg muffins

Ingredients: thinly sliced black forest ham (or you could use pancetta if you were feeling fancy), eggs, swiss cheese, peppers and onions.
What you do: sautee the onions and peppers. set aside. Put the ham into the muffin tray- creating a cup out of the ham. Put the peppers in the bottom. whisk 8 eggs (for 10 muffins)and pour eggs into the cup. bake for 12 min at 350C. Put shredded cheese on top of muffin and bake for another 10-15 minutes. (or until done).
They come out like little muffins and taste sooo good. (the host of my brunch ate 3 of them before anyone else even showed up!) I'm such a little chef.

enjoy! oh and that's not a picture of the muffins, but I suppose it could be, if I were a professional and art directed a shot of them... stranger things have happened. (my facebook photo was from a photoshoot afterall!)

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