Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reverse Anorexia

I'd like to put a question out there- is there such a thing as reverse anorexia? Is there such a disease of the mind that you think you're hot stuff, even though the waistband of your pants is telling you otherwise?! IF so then I think I'm suffering from it...
The last couple of months I've been not as "lean" as I have been in recent years- and yet instead of beating myself up, or chanting the tiresome and oh so familiar "I'm so fat" mantra, I'm actually feeling pretty freakin' good about myself. I'm looking in the mirror and thinking "not bad Sarah- you're looking good" (imagine me saying that in a Herb Tarlek kind of way)
Maybe this is because I'm finally becoming indoctrinated by the Dove campaign for real beauty campaign!

It's a great feeling to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see- for the first(ish) time in 19 years... (since I was a wee child of 12 and declared "If I ever weigh more than 120lbs I'm going to stop eating!"). Yes my friends- if I have reverse anorexia then I am going to embrace it, relish it, and enjoy the occassional bag of mega m&ms guilt free. : )

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