Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sheep & the Urban Family

Last night me and my friends finally got together to play a game of "Sheep" (aka "Settlers of Catan")- for the first time in nearly a year. It's a strategy game where one has to take over settlements and build cities, pirates are involved... it gets quite complicated and I realize I sound like a giant nerd describing it- but it's SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE it. But I am a self professed geek so its ok. Just a hint to anyone looking for a fun game with their friends- but be warned that it's about two steps away from dungeons & dragons (shudder).
The best part was getting together with my urban family again. We used to convene once a week for Texas Hold 'Em, but as it happens, life got in the way, we all got busy, and that fell by the wayside. I forgot how much fun we can have together sitting around a table, drinking some wine and flinging cheap shots at one another. (The game can get pretty personal).
We were at Jeff & Josh's new place, just a stone's throw from Jen & Kirsti's new digs and a few blocks from Bobby & Ian (can you tell the pattern here?) and we were lucky Jen L happened to be in the city long enough to join us! (jetting off to Amsterdam next I believe?) And although Jeff, Jen, Jen, Bobby, Patricia and Sarah (those are the characters in the South Park picture!) have now grown to include Josh, Kirsti and Ian, I think its still important to find opportunities for more sheep. I did buy Bobby that expansion pack after all...

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