Thursday, July 12, 2007

Past in present

I wanted to update my facebook photo- and by update I really meant - show a picture from nearly 25 years ago. And while I was looking for pictures circa early 80s I came across some photos that I scanned of me at a very young age... The first one shows that I got started on my sweet tooth early. That's a picture of me and my twin David with my Mom- that would've been the late 70s.

Then we have me, Stefan and David during our 7th?? birthday. I remember that shoe cake- and one of us (I think it was me- because I was the witty one) made a joke about "why don't you put the shoe on?!" even though it was really cake- and me and my brothers laughed and laughed about that... sooo funny.

And finally the last one must have been someone else's birthday- but I look like I've overdone it a bit on the cake/sugar or dancing or something. And I need to take a rest!

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