Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer madness

It's been a busy summer so far- with birthday parties, work parties, summer parties, and baby parties... Here's a sampling:

The first party has no pictures because I forgot my camera! But I went up to Bobcaygen for a family reunion with my Uncle Frank, Aunt Leagh and cousin Jo. It was a great weekend with family, a bbq and a gentle reminder of why I am glad to not yet have children!! (yes I love my cousin Noah- but when he's still up and screaming at 11pm- maybe not so much!! It's frustrating that gagging and tying up a small screaming child is considered morally reprehensible)

Work party - where we traveled around the harbour on a yacht, sipping martinis, and breaking a pinanta filled with booze, cigarettes and condoms. Even a torrential downpour couldn't dampen our fun. (yes- really bad pun intended).

Liang's 30th party was held at "Trevor" where we nibbled on mini burgers and gourmet mac & cheese- super yum. In the middle of the soiree- Bobby, Lisa and I went outside to practice our moves for the next cycle of CNTM. (Canada's Next Top model). Eric also dropped by to give me the final copy of Harry Potter. Jen was incredibly generous and treated all of us to dinner- so amazing!

Finally I just spent the weekend in Windsor for my other cousin's baby shower. (Other side of the family). Ross and Ashley are having a baby girl in October- and they came up from Alabama to celebrate. We had more bbq's where my cousin Elisa and I were surrounded by couples and raced each other drinking our Woody's coolers in an attempt at oblivion. The shower itself was a class affair at a country club- almost like a wedding- funny enough: wearing sunglasses indoors to cover up bloodshot eyes was frowned upon.

On Sunday after the shower we went to play in the pool to get some sun.

Next weekend I'm going camping in Algonquin park- I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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