Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Real GB

Finally I went out to a cottage for the long weekend. My first summer in TO it seemed I was up at a cottage, or in cottage country, every other weekend during the summer... and then last summer- nothing!
This Canada Day weekend my friend Kathleen was renting a cottage and I went up with her, Jaime, Mandi, Emily and Ashley for a girl's weekend in Grand Bend, dubbed "the real GB". Even though it was slightly chilly on Saturday (like freezing cold actually) we managed to get some sun, spend time in town and have a relaxing mini-vac-ay.
Our cottage was in a gated community (that sometimes we'd have to crawl in and out of- don't ask) and right beside the golf course, about 2 minutes away from the beach. it was fab. This picture is the secret pathway to the beach, with the sunsetpeeking through. We went out for dinner and would watch the sunset over the water- so beautiful. (Except for the cold!)

We didn't cook at all, preferring instead to go out for dinner, or order in. We did however make fabulous mojitos with fresh mint leaves, and the most amazing margueritas! (which Emily and I polished off). The first pic is me and Mandi, Emily and Ashley crushing mint leaves. (I know- so hard core!)

We went out to the bar Saturday night- looking for drama, Jaime snuck us past the line by saying we were with the ad agency for some beer that was doing some promotions that night. She flashed her business card and we were in. So hilar. I mean -we were 6 girls, unsteady on our feet but yah we were totally there to do "work"!! But better than standing in line. (Unfortunately, or maybe thankfully, I didn't take my camera to the bar to capture the moments!)
The rest of the weekend was super chill, just eating and reading and resting. Perfect.
This is our walk along the beach to 'town' (the strip) to get ice cream. Such a taxing day, as part of a taxing weekend!

Rounded out the weekend with another blockbuster movie "Transformers" and it made for a great long weekend. (though if you are going to see a movie I would recommend "A Mighty Heart". It's much more thought provoking and Transformers degenerated into a special effects fest of fighting robots that I couldn't follow).

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