Thursday, November 22, 2007

Here comes the Sun.

You know how somethings will happen, and they are unexpected and you are so happy for it. And then you stop and look around and can't believe how happy you are because of how much you have to be thankful for. And how many blessings you have- whatever you want to call them.
A dear friend of mine is going through this exercise in the month of November where everyday she posts something that she is thankful for. It's a nice sentiment as it gives her cause to pause and think about what are not just the big things (husband/kids) she is thankful for, but also the little things that make up a life (oranges and games). So of course it's caused me to pause and reflect upon what are my own riches- and at this moment-at this particular moment in time- I have an abundance that would surpass a year of Novembers.

First of all, my Stepmother, who I haven't been in touch with for MORE than TEN years- emailed me yesterday. I emailed her back tonight. It was so amazing to hear from her, as that is one relationship in my life that I have really missed. It was one of things that I thought I would fix "one day", and one day became ten years. Yet I knew if it didn't happen then it would become of the bigger regrets in my life. Not to say that everything is all rosy again- but Paula emailed me- she made the first step- for which I'm grateful- and I've responded. We'll see where we go from here. : )
And I think it's also due to my uncle Frank who is so good about keeping in touch via various forwards- which mostly just serve to let me know he's thinking about me. But there was the added element of seeing Paula's email address on them recently which has likely prompted this reaching out...

This is a sunny picture of some daffodils that David took with the new camera he got from my parents...
Which leads nicely to my next great thing: an email from my second Dad Cliff. I was commenting to my brother that though I talk to my Mom on a fairly regular basis I haven't talked to Cliff in months (since the spring I think) and that just wasn't right... but we've now been chatting for the past couple of days- and it's been great. He's doling out advice and telling me he's proud and being all 'parenty'...I just felt so good to "talk" with him... and I'm vowing not to let so much time pass again.
Those are the big things ... but the little unexpected things add up as well...
- Dinner with friends I haven't seen in awhile.
- Unexpected run ins with old friends who are like rays of sunshine.
- Good news to share (the boy called back)- and realizing that I had enough friends I wanted to share it with that I ran out of room on my text messaging "to" list- and that's an awesome problem to have.
- Old friends from high school coming back into my life.
- Starting the day off by sharing the subway with an acquaintance who is beaming with positivity.
- A great conversation with the President of Leo- which helped me feel that I have begun to set down roots in this new home.
I could go on - but this blog is already too long (and probably too boring for anyone but the diehard) without relevant pictures...
I just feel I have a lot to be thankful for. And be happy about. And I am both of those things. Just beaming. Just like I was in this moment in Agra in India. And it's not the magnificence of Taj doing it: but just... the magnificence of life.

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The Hansens said...

Great post Sarah! I'm sooooo glad to hear that you've gotten in touch with Paula again!! That's awesome. It's not easy to reconnect after such a long passage of time...I'm glad for you both.