Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary

(It's best if you click the youtube link and let the music be the background to the touching memoir below- apologies for the slow upload...it gets better if you hang in there)

20 years ago- on Feb 13, 1988 I was a superstar on the international stage- starring in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Calgary. And no I am not exaggerating by one iota. You can see in the picture below, in the background, there are blue people- 1000 of us. (I actually don't think they made it into this picture *ahem*) I was one of them.

We came out and performed a 6 minute dance routine where we formed life size Olympics events such as the luge and skating rink etc... so that when you looked down from above we appeared as one. (Except for me- I stood out). It was all very high tech and synchronized to David Foster's Olympic theme.

We wore blue jumpsuits and silver high top runners. For the actual performance when we were supposed to appear as a giant Dove-my best friend got a feather meant to be waved about the head, I did not. But I forged on ahead anyway... a true performer doesn't let mere props (or the absence of such) get in her way- and I became the feather. I was the feather in that Dove's right wing.

We practiced every week for a year. Grueling practices out in the cold, because there were no indoor arenas large enough to hold us all. I remember once a girl wearing ballet flats and NO SOCKS so I valiantly lent her my legwarmers to keep her feet warm.

Though all of my parents had to endure the hardship of shuttling me around for a year, no easy task, they reaped the rewards and basked in the glory whence their daughter took to the international stage and 3 billion people stood up around the world and applauded. It was no small moment in their lives, believe you me.

It was a special moment in my life... one that I remember fondly. And the 20th anniversary of it is tomorrow.

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