Sunday, February 03, 2008

snow filled days and vodka fueled nights

On Friday we received a no where near record snow fall of 25cm - but it happened during the day - instead of at night... so people panicked and shut things down. Our fearless leader (I mean that genuinely- he's actually a great boss) sent us home around 1pm... in order to avoid chaos on the commute. It was a great way to start off the weekend... especially since my commute involves hopping on a subway and heading
south 5 stops to my house.

The best part about the "storm" is that it was just lots of snow, but still quite warm out- so the result was just beautiful snow capped trees and sidewalks lined with the white stuff- without the frigid freezing temperatures.
My roommate and I decided to spend a quiet night in on Friday- watch movies and order pizza. We watched the desert and cave disc of "BBCs: Planet Earth" SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!
Then my friend RW called at 10 and persuaded us to come out for some guy's b-day. Because they were gathering at one my of my favourite bars- "Czehoski's" we decided to go. It was really fun- quite a few people braved the snow to come out.

Last night we went to the newly renovated "Pravda" - and it's my new favourite bar.
Aside from being stumbling distance home... not that I ever stumble- the decor was fantastic, the music was loud and great and the vodkas...well they have my favourite Bison Wheat Grass vodka (that Czehoski's usually has but was out of on Friday) as well as MANY others...I think everyone was feeling stir crazy from being housebound the night before- because the place was packed... and hot. The crowd were eclectic- a LOT of cougars and greasy old men- and they were just as entertaining as the 20 somethings ordering bottle service in the corner- spending their parent's money like there was no tomorrow.
Me and my friends hovered somewhere in the middle- enjoying the music as it brought us back to our childhood (Rains in Africa anyone??) and the spectacle of the 40something woman who took off her top and danced the night away in her bra... I don't think there is enough vodka on planet earth to get rid of that image.

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