Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An old friend

This is Rascal. He came to live with me when I was four. He was pretty attached to me from the get go and didn't like to leave my side. I used to drag him around by the ear. One time my brothers and I got into a tug of war where the TWO of them were pulling on his body and I held onto his ear and it ripped right off. My Grandma sewed him up but he was never quite the same. He didn't cry during the surgery but I cried enough for both of us.
One summer he came to Riverview with me and my brothers and he got lost in the field so I had to come back to Calgary without him. My aunt Claire found him and sent him on a cross country flight ALL BY HIMSELF, to come back to me. Man was I happy to see him.
I don't think I ever thanked Claire for that (or was it my uncle Al?) but I was very grateful. : )

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