Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making the effort

Now that I've figured out the subway system, am not feeling completely overwhelmed at work, and have settled (mostly) into my home I'm ready to start exploring New York and taking advantage of all it has to offer.
I'm starting at the bottom of the pyramid and working my way up. (The generic easy to access standard activities are at the bottom with the more esoteric stuff at the top)
Yes there is the shopping. Yes there are the restaurants. Yes there is Broadway. And I've done those.
But there is also world class music, art, (indie)theatre and comedy in which to partake. There is the more mainstream fare that I'm beginning to see:
The New York Philharmonic is performing Handel's Messiah and as part of my Christmas tradition I'm taking my friend Rose. On Sunday I went with a friend to see one of the world's top pianist- Daniel Barenboim at the Metropolitan Opera House. He gave three encores-such love from the crowd and he was AMAZING. I've never seen anyone play the piano like that. I was literally spellbound.
And in the new year I want to start exploring the 'underground' or 'indie' spots for art and music- bands, up and comers etc... That's what New York is all about. That's what New York has to offer more than any other city- and while I'm here I want to be a part of it.
On a personal note (what is this blog if not personal?) I was even thinking of taking an improv class. Can you imagine?!??!! A friend's friend just took a class and as part of the exercise they had to put on a show in front of family and friends. I went last night... and while it wasn't exactly SNL there were still some comedic moments and I admired their bravery. Something to think about...

Um that's it. Just wanted to share.

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