Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of the lucky ones

I just to say... I love my job. I've been fairly lucky throughout my life (knock on wood) that I've never really had a job that I hate. I've never dreaded going into work on a continual basis (obviously there are moments or times when I have- who hasn't?!) but for the most part I've really liked what I've done and who I've worked with.
(noted exception is J from my old agency... he knows who he is!!)

But here... well I was a bit nervous- big new york agency and all that... but it was really like coming home. The people are smart and kind and supportive and AMAZING. And the clients are smart and like to challenge but also respect our agencies' opinion and want to work with us not against us. And the work we're doing is good and strong and intelligent. I'm just really happy to be here, be part of this team and doing the work that I'm doing.

yay life.

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Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah! It is wonderful to love what you do, and pretty rare. I'm so glad you've found somewhere that pushes you in all the right places. Misses.