Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Look

Oh and yes- you might have noticed my blog has been 'updated' with a fresh new look. A country look yes- harkening back to my country roots. A little bit of nostalgia in the crazy busy city... in a few months I'm sure it will be all black- but for now enjoy the flower power.

I downloaded the background courtesy of a blog called "LeeLou Blogs" - a new friend of mine from Texas (Laine- her blog is called "Sugar and Spice and can be linked on the right side) told me about it. Is her blog- and you can download many different colours/backgrounds. It's pretty cool. Thanks Laine and thanks LeeLou. (yes LeeLou).

1 comment:

Laine said...

looking good my sweet sweet friend!! I finally got all my pictures onto my blog - check them out!!

I miss you and can't wait to come back to NYC again soon!!