Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And my love grows stronger ...

... for Starbucks. We did have a rift last year- I admit it. But we mended that and I think we're better for it. I stepped back a bit and wasn't so crazy with my 2 times a day visits. I thought: "no starbucks- you're not getting the best of me. Just a piece of me. Once a week."
Until now.

But first, some background: a few years ago Starbucks had this beverage called "Sipping Chocolate." It was so rich it was served in little espresso cups. It had the caloric value of a large cheeseburger and the consistency of tar. I LOVED it. But it failed to find an audience and disappeared after just a few months.
Fast forward to present day (or rather last Saturday) and I was at a Starbucks eyeing the menu- feeling a hankering for something other than the uje : decaf tall non fat meow meow meow. And I spied "The Signature Hot Chocolate"
"What is this?" I asked.

Ok I'm going to fast forward this part- because it's really not all that interesting... except to say that the flavour and richness of the sipping chocolate had FOUND IT'S WAY BACK in the form of a skim milk hot chocolate... and Starbucks has found it's way back into my life.

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